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Box 13, Folder 19, Document 7

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May 26, 1967 — ,/4

Mr. Fred L. Shoenberger
420 Lynhurst Drive, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30311

Dear Mr. Shoenberger: iy

Thank you very much for your lett
I assure you that I commend activities of SWAP and

their efforts to stabilize the Southwest area of the’city in
which they are working.

I have publically on many occasions advocated a National
fair housing Act, and I am glad to reiterate that position.

Every effort is being made to maintain and improve schools
and public services inside the corporate limits of Atlanta.

Iam delighted to commend the SWAP group for what they
are doing and make every effort to see that they secure

full cooperation from the Atlanta city government and the
many civic organizations which can be of help.

From time to time, I will attempt to keep the organization
informed of the many efforts that are being made by the city
and further extend our cooperation.


Ivan Allen, Jr.



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