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April 22, 1967

Mayor Ivan Allen

Board of Aldermen

City Hall

68 Mitchell Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Sirs:

It is past time for pressure on the Southwest section of Atlanta to be taken off the
home owners. Most of these very fine citizens built homes in this section planning
to live there a lifetime and many have been residents for over twenty years. Their
homes are in the $20,000 to $50,000 range and the neighborhoods are beautifully kept.
From this section comes some of the outstanding citizens of Atlanta and Georgia, but
if city hall continues to ignore the integration, or resegregation, of this one
section of Atlanta it will soon affect the entire city. The neighborhoods will no
longer be integrated; they will be all Negro and the former home owners will have
moved entirely out of Fulton many say they will do if they have to
give up their homes. 7

How many of you have taken the time, or cared enough, to ride out in this lovely section
to see the for sale signs that fill each street? Have you given any thought as to the
far-reaching affect of this fear? For sale signs should be banned from in front of all

Most residents who would like to stay, even with some integration, do not wish to be the
only white resident on a street and some discussion with both whites and Negroes should
come from city hall. Other areas of Atlanta should be opened to these Negroes seeking
homes in all white neighborhoods.

Pressure tactics are being used by real estate companies and more and more signs are
appearing in front of homes. If the present trend continues, Atlanta will soon be
another Washington, D. C. and the prestige of Atlanta will disappear.

It should be in the interest of all good citizens of Atlanta, who are interested in the
general welfare of Atlanta, to try to help stabilize the Southwest section - Cascade
Heights, West Manor, Audubon Forest, King's Forest, etc.. Some encouragement from the
mayor and councilmen of this city would certainly be most helpful and encouraging to
these citizens struggling under pressure.

If these people do not receive any help from this direction, then the Northside could easily
undergo the same transition in the future and then the feelings and frustrations of the
Southwest citizens will be better understood by others in Atlanta.

This is an urgent matter and we earnestly seek your full cooperation.
Thank you.

Citizens of Southwest Atlanta

Attchd: List of names
Clipping from Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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