Box 13, Folder 21, Document 5

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Box 13, Folder 21, Document 5

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fg iy 1967 RO 8E a ay
Mayer Allon » bgule, Ba:
Aiar Mr. Mayer ren TY. 8 Aawo. ghoup of Beared Ae
ly % Kelp wath ride Drowigh Ainolrrrtanoliig and a Afir-

AL of fairrude. Christin Bre:

44.2. 77, > Bam alse a Milind of
Bib be Anping, cl Haagh he atey of Be Bible, Ooo

able b underotend this wane tf victevth, thal i. eepn

Ang Abrdh the teh, Byhh 2 ud pahibd forme
ancl Lsboitd. Me Koue a riptd at thal Tine An tire
Plas gina toh og Hit fo A De whi
allie The trlerud. pyuth Ly

Stanley QM. ane Ofive ioe aM

hor9a Hw, WLihgert


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