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Kirkwood/East Lake/Blue Heaven
June 30, 1967

Go down Delano Drive, to Rockyford Road
Turn left on Rockyford
Open Ditch (about 158 Rockyford

237 Vacant House Open
Just up the street house with hole on top

Go to Wisteria and turn right

Gotto Murry Hill and turn right
Big house about 248

Go to Sisson and turn right

Go into Hill Crest turn left
At corner on left side open ditch

Go to Oakview turn right

Go to Boulevard Drive and cross on Oakview
Cn right rooming house
On left shopping center site
City used to cut grass and brush along side of street

Go to Cottage Grove and Lakeview turn left
Trash surrounding Boulevard
Oakview needs paving

Turn left on East Lake Terrace

Shopping center site
Special permit site

Turn left and go to top of hill
Property along 2281 is being allowed to run down so rezoning can

be applied for

Go to 2525 Memorial Drive--mass rezoning
Go to East Lake (Rezoned for filling station)

Turn left on East Lake
Go to 150 East Lake (Rezoned for Apartments)

Go to Boulevard and turn left
Inspection Tour Route -2-

Go to Saunders turn right

Run down house at # 37

Rurned house on corner of Halmand St.
Turn left on Hallmand
Go to Warren turn right

Go to College Avenue turn right

Go to Locus turn right
Go to lst House on left

Go to Trotti turn right

Go back to Warren turn left

Go to Boulevard Drive turn right
Go to Hutchison turn right

Go to LaFrance turn right

Go to Mason
Little shoppining center filthy

Turn right on Mayson

Go to Amanda turn left
See apartments

Follow Street on around to Wesley
Turn left on Wesley

Turn left at First Street
See park and pool

Return to Wesley and turn left

Go to Forte Street
Stop at open branch

Turn around

Go back to Wesley turn left
Stop at ''cell block"

Go to Marona Street turn left

June 30, 1967


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