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The Urban Coalition / Federal Bar Building West [71879 H Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. | 20006

Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiskell JA Philip Randolph

March 22, 1968

Mr. Stephen F. Keating
Honeywell, Incorporated
2701 4th Avenue, South
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dear Mr. Keating:

A good many people ask me what the difference is between the
Urban Coalition and the new National Alliance of Businessmen,
recently established under the leadership of Henry Ford II.

I usually respond by emphasizing the two most obvious differences:

1. The Alliance is concerned solely with jobs while
the Coalition is concerned with the whole range
of urban problems.

2. The Alliance is strictly a businessman's venture
while we include mayors, union leaders, religious
and minority group leaders.

But more important than the differences are the ways the Alliance
and Coalition can work together. I have discussed that question
with Henry Ford II, and with Mr. Leo Beebe who is on leave from
the Ford Motor Company to give full time direction to the Alliance.
Mr. Gerard Phillippe, Chairman of the Board of General Electric
and Co-Chairman of the Coalition's Task Force on Private Employ-
ment, joined me for the talk with Mr. Beebe.

We arrived at full agreement concerning the relationship between
the Alliance and the Coalition. All parties to the conversation
agreed that there is a greater potential for meeting our common
objectives in the employment sphere if our respective programs
are carried out in a complementary fashion. We pledged full
support to the NAB effort.

National Coordinators: John Feild | Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293-7530
It is through local community leadership that both the NAB
and the Urban Coalition see their respective objectives
being accomplished. The NAB has designated a local chair-
man in each of fifty urban areas.

It is possible that the local NAB chairman for your city is
already a member of your group. If not, I urge that you
invite his active participation in.your efforts, and explore
with him ways in which the Coalition can be supportive of
his efforts on behalf of the Alliance.

The NAB chairman in your community is Mr. Donald C. Dayton,
Chairman of the Board, The Dayton Corporation, 700 Nicollet
Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402.

I look forward to our working together.


John W. Gardner


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