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July 7, 1969


TO: Miss Jimmie Mims, Assistant Director of Recreation
FROM: Jack ©, Delius, General Manager of Parks and Recreation
SUBJECT: Shuttle Bus + Atlanta Stadium toe City Hell

In that Miss Carmichael is on vacation thie week I am addressing
this matter to you. Mr, Howard Monroe, Superintendent of City Hall,
advises that the bus wa are operating to transport employees to and
from City Hall and the Atlanta Stadium Parking Lot has received
something less than a hearty reception from employees. Presently
fewer than five are utilizing the bus. Mr. Monroe advises that he
will recommend to Mr. Landers that the transportation be discontinued
by the end of this week. This will give him time te notify the few
Who are riding, Also Mr. Monroe advises that on several moruings
the bus has been quite late, ‘This morning Mr. Monroe understood that
it did not even run, but I saw it myself and it was probably very

; by the 50,000 odd delegates to the religious convention at
the Atlanta Stadiun.

In any event, speak to the driver about being on time and perhaps
if it is advisable you might warn him that it appears by the end
of the week we will discontinue this service.

Thank you very much.

JCD: jw

ec: Mr. J. Howard Monroe, Superintendent, City Hall
Mr. Earl Landers, Mayor's Office ——

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