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Box 16, Folder 3, Document 41

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September 12, 1966


The Henerable Ivan Allen, Jr.

The City of Atlanta

City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir:

This letter comes te assure yeu that we, aleng with hundreds ef ether
Negre citizens ef Atlanta, are behind yeu ene hundred per cent in your
efferts te maintain the fine image ef this city and te prevent meb
vielence and racially areused passiens frem destreying what has been
se painstakingly achieved here in the area of race relatiens.

Your ceurage has been admirable in the riot situations that have
develpeed, You have shown that yeu are genuinely cencerned with the
cenditions which led te the current explesiens. We are fearful of
yeur persenal safety in centinued expesure te the angry, undisciplined
mobs in the streets, We de net wamt te lese se valuable a leader and
friend, These turbulent times require the wisden and ceurage and
vision ef a man like yeu,

It is eur opinion that knewing that there are Negre Atlantans whe
appreciate what youe¥edeing and whe suppert yeu in your pregressive
pregram fer an even greater Atlanta will help te fortify yeu fer the
struggle that lies ahead, We alse feel that no cencessiens sheuld be
made te Stekeley Carmichael and his SNCC fellewing in the Black Power
norasense, We hepe that the law will deal sternly with him and thus
help te destrey the subversive forces that are at work te bring chaes
to eur city and ceuntry.

131 Thurgeed Street, S.W.

Atlanta, Georgia 3031)


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