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The Prayer For Today

From The Upper Room

Bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and)
be merry: for this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was
lost, and is found. (Luke 15:23-24)

Prayer: Our Father, in humblessness we come confessing
our sins and looking to Thee for forgiveness, Restore in us the
Joy of Thy salvation, and help us that we may no more cut our-
selves off from Thee. Grant our petitions, we beseech Thee;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Trouble In Atlanta

(Frpm The Greensboro Watchman)

We are sad over the racial outbreak in Atlanta, but we are
hiding our feelings very nicely, thank you. We are sad because
a riot such as this should never happen south of Mason and
Dixon's Line: It was a vicious attack on the entire white com-
munity when the mayor, pleading for peace, was dragged from
the top of an automobile with shouts of ‘‘Down with the white
bastard.” It is to be remembered that this same mayor of Atlanta
is generally recognized as a moderate if not an integrationist,
and he is the man who is supposed to be telling the rest of us
how to behave.

In spite of our laments, we are thus happy to add that if it had
to happen in the South, we are glad that it happened in Atlanta.
Atlanta has been breaking itself at the seams of late, as the
integrationist capital of the South, boasting about how it could
handle its racial problems when no one else could do it. Those
who had any doubts about this Atlanta buncombe had only to
peel back a thin veneer of advertising, and where the whites
have refused to do this, the Negroes by their latest riot have

‘done it for them. “Black power’ is just as destructive in Atlanta

as it is in St. Augustine or Birmingham.

If the liberal Atlanta press would just concern itself with the
truth, it would reveal that what now happens in Atlanta is quite
as bad, and perhaps a bit more vicious, than what happened in
Selma last year. The chief difference is that in Atlanta, a lot of
Jocal police and local people got involved in the picture, While
in Selma, the local whites stayed wonderfully out of the troubles,
and let the state handle the job. The limited use of tear gas
on a public highway which the Negro demonstrators refused
to leave was the worst thing that happened in Selma during
that riot. On the other hand, in Atlanta the local police routed
the Negroes in a militant assault, led by their own mayor, by
invading their private homes with tear gas and other weapons.

We point to Atlanta now as living truth that the liberals and
the militants of the North have only the vaguest idea of the truth.
They look upon the people of the South and especially those
of Alabama, as some strange creatures who do not know how to
behave. They refuse to accept the one irrevocable fact, and that
ig that the current disruption between the races is not confined
to geography, and that when the same challenges are tossed in
New England, the reactions are identical with those when these
challenges are tossed in Alabama. The principal difference Is
that down here we have lived with the crisis for generations,

we know the truth where the North pinds. itself to it. We
now from experience; the North suffers from its total ignorance,
anta is metely a part of the ;

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