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Press International

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The Riot In Atlanta


Bleeds Internally

The ordinary trouble-makers and the professional agi-
tators stirred up the riot in Atlanta this week. Mayor
Ivan Allen, Jr., and the city’s Police Department kept it
from spreading and becoming even worse than it was.
Several things stand out:
—QOne was the courage of Mayor Allen. He calmly
insisted upon law and order. He acted at the actual scene
of crisis, not from the remoteness of an office at City
Hall. His cool head and great determination were ex-
amples for all to follow. The incident could easily have
spread beyond control had it not been for Mayor Allen.
The Griffin Daily News admires his calmness under fire,
his physical as well as moral courage.

—Another was the restraint of the policemen. Taunted
and insulted, they resisted the normal impluse to strike
out violently, which would have been exactly what the
agitators wanted them to do.
—A third is that known hate peddlers cold-bloodedly
whipped up the demonstration in a professionally trained
manner. They rode up and down the streets and used
loudspeakers to encourage individuals to gather into
what becarne a mob. Some method must be found to pre-
vent the abuse of civil rights by such exhorters as these
who prey upon suspicions and emotions. They exploit
what they call their “black brothers.” They are guilty of
inciting to riot and should be punished for that crime.
—Also, all people must respect law and order. This
begins with the individual citizen and the individual police-
man. The policeman, for example, has no right to insult
a citizen when he issues a traffic ticket. Nor has the citizen
the right to insult the officer as one did and got away with
it in Atlanta some few days ago. Take it from there and
extend it from the traffic ticket to the felonious crimes.
If policemen are to enforce the law as it is their obliga-
tion to do, the ordinary law-abiding citizens must accord
them the tools with which to work, After all, a police
officer represents all the great body of law-abiding people
who make up a peaceful and orderly society. If an officer
of the law abuses his position—which is rare indeed,
these days—recourse may be had in an orderly manner
but not by lawless riots. '

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