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Katzenbach 5 kirts Demand

F —fit— bf - Rod

To Prosecite Garmuchaeh



| General Katzenbach has a

“Black Panther” by the tail and

doesn’t know whether to try to
bell it or let go.

The militant ‘‘cat” is Stokley
Carmichael, 25-year-old organiz-
| er of the Black
Panther Negro
Party and the
head of the Stu- }
dent Nonviolent |
C oor dinating ©
Com mittee. ©
A group of
Ohio legislators —~
led by Repre- ¢
sentatives Rob-
ert Sweeney, D, |
and Wayne|>
Hays, D, both §
strong civil right |
| advocates, have
bluntly notified
| Katzenbach to
| either end his vacillating on Car-
' michael or they will go directly

to President Johnson and de-

mand forceful action.
For more than a month the

lakers pave, bombarded th the

idee calls and telegrams urg-
osecution of Carmichael

io ing Cleveland Negroes to

i the he Selective Service law

d not register for the draft.

But Katzenbach has done —


All) Sweeney and Hays have —

gotten from him is a polite |
enh ott over the phone and

form letters signed by aides that —

Katzenbach had their correspon-

‘Stil unanswered. is a letter cit-

Carmichael’s inflammable

anti-draft statements and urging |
his prosecution as a deliberate —

law violator.

“Weowisty tordraw your atten-
"hon to the fact that Stokley
Carmichael made an appear-—
ance in Cleveland reeently in an
effort to sitr up sentiment |
against the war in Viet Nam,”
the ieee se “AS ue
of his p Carmic !

‘golihseted. bis melee in ex
ess of 500, that they should
ae refuse to cem-

aly with the provisions of the.

Universal Military Training and
| Service Act.”

+ p *

THE LAW — Flatly

gerous American aa appears
the scene with vi
on the sia ene


“We ate » advised that the pen-
al provisions Of the Universal
Military ‘Training and Service
Act .., do apply against such
persons as
wotild orien: to nol only ridl-

| enle the ry, but to counsel
others to’ avoid ‘compliance with

Attorney ,

Carmichael who

the orders of the Selective Sery-
ice System.

ing that the Department of Jus-
tice forthwith commence pro-
ceedings of a criminal nature,
applying the penal provisions of
the draft law against Carmi-

“As members of Congress, we
have sensed that action of a
criminal nature would have
been initiated long ago’ were it
not for the fact that this individ-
ual has been parading about the
land masquerading as a sup-
posed civil rights leader. We are
of the opinion that if left un-
checked by the government,
such dangerous Americans as
Carmichael could and will pro-

“Accordingly, we are request-'

mote riots of sizable dimension
in our cities and succeed in the
development of a pattern of an-
arch in many parts of the
an any

Should Katzenbach continue te
ignore their insistence that Car-
michael be prosecuted, the leg-
islators will seek a une ees
al probe,

“The Carmichael case in-
volves much more than just one
person “advocating defiance of ~
the draft law,” says Representa-
tive Sweeney. ‘The question is
whether the atlorney general is
practicing a double standard of
justice; one for civil rights vio-
lators and another for civil
ea leaders who violate the


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