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Box 16, Folder 9, Document 101

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September 7, 1966

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor City of Atlanta
City Hall

68 Mitchell Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia - 30303.

Dear Sir:

Please let us join with many others in expressing our admiration for
the manner in which you handled the very difficult situation yester-โ€”


There are three thoughts that we would like to convey and trust that
you will bear with us :-

1. Your heroism in facing the personal dangers of the moment
must be recognized, appreciated and emulated by people of
all stations. Surely the streets of Atlanta should be saf-
er for all citizens because of your brave conduct. We con-
gratulate and honor you.

2. How long can citizens suffer their duly elected officials to
expend their time, energy and public funds in order to quell
and attempt to satisfy a recalcitrant group, who repeatedly
dedicate themselves toward negating the progress that all oth-
er citizens are striving to attain. Certainly it must be
recognized that the specific conditions they protest are not
the result of mistreatment, but rather are the result of the
lack of initiative that has existed in their own forebears
throughout recorded history.

The physical, financial and emotional burden placed upon oth-
ers (of all races) is very great and somehow these people
must be made to understand - not to be mislead -โ€”----โ€”~
for therein lies the great danger to our Country.

3. Of all the candidates presently projecting themselves for the
Governorship of Georgia, none can approach your statue or
qualifications. We have no political acumen,but we honestly

believe our State would be so much improved if, even at this
late date, your name could be introduced as a Write-in Candi-
date. This is just a thought from we who are not politically

knowledgeable, but we believe it is worthy of your considera

While the above expressions come on the heels of yesterday's episode,
they are not quickly conceived, rather they are the result of our

long observance and admiration of many of your activities even though
we, frankly, have not always been in accord with you.

Respectfully yours,

Mand troll Celera bn)

Mr. and Mrs. Carl V.Chelena,Sr.
18 Kenilworth Circle
Stone Mountain, Georgia
cvc HAC 30083


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