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1201-B CITY HALL PHONE 522-4463 - EX.437 D ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30303
Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor Franklin M. Thomas, V. Chairman
Robert M. Wood, Chairman Michael H. Trotter, Secy-Treasurer
John W. Cox, Executive Director Mrs. Rhodes Perdue, Member at Large

Members - Frank R. Carmines
Fletcher Coombs
DeJongh Franklin
G. Arthur Howell
Mrs. Vivian W. Henderson
Ocie J. Irons

Jerry Luxemburger
Frank A. Player
Mrs. Mary B. Sanford

Mrs. C. R. Yates December 2, 1968

Dear Friend:

First, let me apologize for the seemingly rather imperscnal nete of gratitude
for you participating in the 1968 Mayor's Conference on Children and Youth,

Though impersonal the note may seem, it carries a very perscnal "thank you" on
behalf of the Mayor, the Board of the Youth Council and the many participating agencies.

From the report to me, the conference began te ccne to grips with issues in
education and youth employment in cur community.

As a follow-up, we have already asked Mrs. Parham with the AtlantaeFulton League
of Women Voters to develop ongoing study groups to further explore recun-
mendations for -progrerming, using as a core, the conference workshop participants.
The League will also help us develop and compile the conference report. All parti-
cipants in the conference will receive a copy of the report when it is completed.

We are asking that the planning cormittee meet on December 11, 1968=22:00 p.ii.;
Committee Room 4 here at City Hall to disctss further action (committee member
please use this letter as your invitation to the December 11 :eeting).

If you did not get a chance to do so, please indicate any particular coments
you may have and want to continue deliberations on, or that might improve next
year's conference.

Again, thank you for your support and ccoperation,

Sincerely yours,

ey Kinenbunger
“Jerry ‘Luxemburger

Chief of Police, Herbert T. Jenkins - Supt. of Schools

John W. Letson - Gen. Mgr. Parks, Jack C. Delius


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