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September 36, 1968

Mr. Oliver Welch, Director
State Planning Department
State of Georgia

Atlanta, Geergia

Dear Mr, Welch:

The Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council, and official agency of
the City of Atlanta, is interested in full participation with the State
in the Safe Streets and Crime Act and the Juvenile Delinguency Prevention
and Control Act of 1968.

Te follow-up on previous conversations with you, I am writing you requesting
that we be included in all appropriate briefing, planning and instructional
meetings and conferences related to these Acts,

While our sajor and primary emphasis and relationship will be with the

J. BD, Act, we do intend to prepese some programs and prejects related te the
Safe Streets and Crime Program, especially in the areas of research and

In both of these areas, we will, of course, be working in close relationship
with Mr. Dan Sweat, Governmental Liaison Directer for the City of Atlanta.

We will be preparing for submission at this time, proposals under sections
ef the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Control Act of 19668 and the Safe
Streets and Crime Act.

I am fully aware of the fact that guidelines and precedures for neither of
these Acts has been developed.
Mr, Oliver Welch
Page Teo
September 36, 1962

Sur contact persen on this matter should be our Executive Director,
Me. John ¥. Cox, City Hall, 522-4463, extension 437,

If you have further instructions, please convey them te fr. Cox.

Thanks again for your cooperation, I am

a Robert M. Wood
j Chairman
RAWrIWCs eof
cc: Mayor Allen
+> o— Mt, Dan Sweat
Senator ward

Representative Alexander
Chief Jenkins

merece a a pital a wa a ce


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