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Summer 1968

An Inventory of Children and Youth Activities in Your Community

Compiled By The

Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council

Mayor Ivan Allen Jr, General Chairman

Robert M. Wood, Chairman of Executive Committee

For Further Information Call--522-4463, Ext. 437
ventory of Summer School and Recreational Activities inNorthwest Atlanta

General Information

“ov inrermation about Youth Employment, please call;

Youth Opportunity Center--875-°471
522 W. Peachtree Street

Your Local Neighborhood Service Center (EQOA) ;
Central City Neighborhood Service Center 873-6757

East Central Neighborhood Service Center 799-0331
Nash-Vashington Neighborhood Service Center 524-2084

Extention, Eagan Homes 523-3186
Vine City 523-5136

North West ( Neighborhood Service Center 799-9322
Extention 351-6710

City of Atlanta Personnel Department §22-4463 Ext. 267
6 OT ke Lg Aa Pg CORES Far 4}

‘olunteer Service Opportunities, please contact your local:

Neighborhood Service Center (EQOA)



Boys! Clubs

Girls' Clubs

Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council 522-4463 Ext. 437

“cr information about scholerships for summer school, please call your Area
.sperintendent (1) Mr. J.Y. Moreland, 753-9716.

Fep> information about Art and Cultural programs, please call:

The Atlanta Arts Council 522-1300 Ext. 200

Atlanta Parks and Recreation Department 522-4463 Ext. 311

Your !}ocal Neighborhood Service Center (EOA)

The / Lanta Children and Youth Services Council 522-4463 Ext. 437

If you are a t 2nage and have any kind of personal or social problem, and want
to talk to someone in confidence about it, please cail:

The Atlanta Children and Youth Services Council 522-4463 Ext. 437
Community Council of Atlanta ,Inc. 577-2250
Your Local Neighborhood Service Center (EOA)

For Opportunities for Story-hours, contact your local branch of the Atlanta Public

rhe Crime Prevention Bureau will be conducting several educational-community information
orograms, and will be assisting agencies in record hops and other community programs.
tur furthe information, please contact: CApt. Jordan, Lt. Dickson or Sgt. Harris at:

Ai W
The Crime Prevention Bureau 522-7363


The Crime prevention Officer at Your Neighborhood Service Center

Fou information about Church programs going

Christian Council of Atlanta 523-7533


—— =

Suumer School Programs

Elementary Schools at Bethume, Bolton,
John Carey, Clement, Couch, Craddox, Hern-
don, Haygood, Harper, Grove Park, Fowler,
Finch, Fain, English Ave, Jackson, Mayson,
Mt. Vernon, Pitts, Rivers, Scott, Towns,
Ware, White, and Williams. Enrichment
programs includes art, music, language,
drama. June 12- July 19, Mon-Fri., 8:00-

Hiigh School programs at Dykes, Harper, Tur-
ner, Wide range of regular and special
subjects with full credits upon completion,
vune l1l- Aug. 2, Mon.-Fri., 8:00- 12:45,


if your child has never been to school and
vill be attending for the first time in
September, check with your Neighborhood
Service Center to see if he or she is eli-


Supervised recreation programs, instruc-
tion and athletic leagues are available

at the following locations throughout the
summer for all ages, These include swim-
ming, tennis, softball, basketball, track,
volleyball, gymnastics, dancing, arts and
erafts, teen clubs.

Parks and Recreation Centers

Anderson, Anderson Ave., NW

Bitsy Grant Tennis Center, Northside Dr.
English Park, Bolton Rd. NW

Grove Park, Hortense Pl., NW

Home Park, 1051 Tumlin St. NW

Knight Park, Rice St., NW

Maddox Park, ;Bankhead Hwy., NW
Techwood, 535 Luckie St., NW

Washington Park, Lena St., NW

hl w

on in your community, contact

Chastian Park, Church and Rice Sts., NW
Playgrounds and Playlots

Bethume, 221 Northside Dr., NW

Carter, 80 Ashby St., NW

Craddock, 482 Kennedy St., NW

Haygood, 921 Howell Mill Rd., NW

Scott, 1752 Hollywood Rd., Nw
University, Northside Dr. 6Fair Sts., NW
Rhedes St. between Sunset & Vine, NW
Gilliam Park, Wade Ave., NW

Magnolia and Maple Sts. NW

Arlington Circle, NW

Ladd St., off Oakland, NW

Ferry Blvd. and Lively Sts., Ni

Huff Rd. near Booth, NW

Habershal and Perry Blvd., NW

Maddox Park, Bankhead Ave., NW

Perry Homes, 1041 Kerry Dr., NW

William Scott School, 1752 Hollywood Rd., NW
Turner High School, 98 Anderson Ave., NW
City of Atlanta - Summer - Program
Techwood 3-2 week sessions.

City of Atlanta

Tennis and Swimming Classes.

Christian, Washington, Carelen Hills and
Maddox, Classes begin June 12 - Aug. 9.


Center staff will help organize sports and
other activities for youngsters and adults.
Will advise youngsters on opportunities
available for summer camp.

Central City, 840 Marietta St., NW
Nash-Wasington, 247 Ashby St., NW.
Horthwest, 1927 Hollywood Rd., NW

West Central, 2193 Verbena St., NW


Geo. Washington Carver Boys/ Club

481 Thurmond St., NW - 523-2695 (Fee)

Boys 6-18, Mon.-Sat., 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Arts, crafts, library, social activities.

Perry Homes Community Girls' Club
2106 Clarissa Dr,, SW #681 = S24=3361
Girls 6-18, Mon.-Fri, Sports, homemaking,

arts and crafts. (Fee)

Salvation Army Bellwood Boys' Club

Boys 7-20, Mon. Fri., 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sports, games, TV, arts, crafts. (Fee)

Boy fcouts, 167 Walton St., NW - 523-7805
Day Camp for non-Scout boys 11-14, Camp J-K,
Orr, 2 days per week, June 24-July 10.
Swimming, boating, sports, crafts.

Camp Fire Girls - LeWasi Day Camp

3400 Gordon Rd, SW = 525-7635

Fro non-member boys and girls 7-15, June 18-
21. 30, 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Sports, games,
cookouts, folk dancing. (Fee)

YMCA, Metro Atlanta

145 Luckie St., NW = 525-5401

Boys 6-13, 8:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

Monday -Friday. Gym and Swimming (Fee)
Small group games.

YMCA, Butler St.

22 Butler St., NE - 524-0246

Day Camp for boys 7-16, Monday - Friday,
9;00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Swimming (Fee)


YMCA, Glenn Field behind Atlantic Steel
Day Camp 525-5401

Boys and girls 6-13, June 12-Aug. ll,
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

YMCA, Butler St. - Perry Homes Extension
2125 Clarissa Dr., N. W. - 524-0246 (Fee)
Day Camp for boys and girls, 6-14, Monday-
Friday, 9:00 a.m. tO 4:00 p.m. June 3-July
2-5 week sessions.

YWCA, 72 Edgewood Ave., NE - 524-3416
Neighborhood Program, girls 6-12, boys 6-10
June 17-July 27, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Swimming, arts, crafts, games. (Fee)

folk dancing drawing and stunts.

YWCA, Phyllis Wheatley Branch

599 Tatnall St., SW - 523-0542 (Fee)
Girls 6-16, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to
4:00 p.m. Swimming, movies, homemaking,
sports, dramatic, personal development.

YWCA Program, Carroll Hgts.

Community Church of the Nativity

755 Bolton Rd., NW - 523-0543

Day Camp for girls 6-16, Mon.-Fri., 9:00 a.m.
to 4:00 p.m., June 10-Aug.=19 Homemaking,
outdoor recreation, swinming at Mozley Park,

craft, trips, cooking, natur study (Fee

Vine City Foundation -

558 Magnwlia St. NW - 523-8112

For Boys and Girls all ages. 9:00 = 10:00
pem. Field 7 track, baseball, speed rcading.

City of Atlanta

Alexander Day Camp.

Alexander Dr. NW

Boys and girls 9-11, 9:00 -3:30.
Aug. 9.

July 17-

Camp Fire girls -
Camp Eluta

‘105- Mt. Paron Rd., NW

Girls 7-17, June 18-28

Northwest Ga. Girl Scout Council - 876-0734
Christian Park - Day Camp. for girls
16-19, July 9-12 Cadette Units July 23-26,
July 30-Aug 2.

Fairwood Holy Family Hospital.
Day camp for girls, July 29-Aug 1. Aug. 5-8.

Grady Humes Community Girls Club.
Perry and Lincoln Homes.
Day Camp for girls 6-18, June 2 =~ Aug. 26.
City of Atlanta

Gorden Hill Community Building
Pine Tree Dr., NE

Boys and girls 5-8 9:00 - 3:30
June 17-Aug 9.


Atlanta Recreation Dept. Camp

Lake Allatoona, Acworth

Boys and girls 8-12, Three day and two
night sessions. June 17-Aug. 30 Swimming,
boating, camp skills.

Atlanta Boys’ Club
609 Walton Bldg., - 521-1110 (Fee)
boys 6-18. Camp

Atlanta Girls' Club
1191 Donnelly Ave., SW - 758-1467
girls 8-16, June 10- dug. 16. (Fee)

Boys Scouts, 167 Walton St., NW - 523-7805
For non-Scout Boys 11-17, Camp Emerson,
Bert Adams Scout Res., Covington. 6 days
per week, June 27-Aug. 4. Swimming,
boating, camp skills.

Butler Street YMCA,

22 Butler St., NE - 524-0246

Camp Allatoona, boys and girls 7-16,
July 2- Aug. 17.

Vine City Foundation.

Dances for Teens every Tues and Thursday

Butler St. YMCA
22 Butler St.

Summer fun Clubs
from 4:00 -8:00


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