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ta October 1, 1966

fo the Editors: Atlenta Journal

I am not a politician - just an individual whe would
be interested to know if ivan Allen's remarks concerning

Mr. Lester Maddox's Democratic nomination for Gevernor of
Georgia was made by an insane individual who because of his
hate, envy and jealousness did not know what he was saying»
er was he motivated into doing somet ing desperate so he too
could claim sone of the limlight. Un IT. ¥V. it looked like

a combination of the two. Or - was it an intended insult to
Mr. Maddox and the over 130,000 people of Georgia who voted
for him. If this is true, then these 130,000 people should
march on City Hall and "tar and feather" the great Mr. Allen.
Of course, thongh no one wante to steep te bis level, we just
consider the source and feel only pity for hin.

As to his remarks that the Republicans put Mr. Maddox in,
he couldn't be more wrong. This is recognised for what it is;
just an attempt te take away mme of the glory of the Maddox

Everyone knows who and what put Ivan Allen in his seat
and only @ poor, misguided individual would feel complimented.
Mr. Maddox could have so truthfully replied that it was Ivan
Alien whe was a disgrace to the State of Georgia but Mr.
Maddox is too much of a Christian gentleman to do s0.
Thank you for your help in giving Mr. Maddox his victory
(eso Ivan Allen by your persecution of the man. I truly
hope neither Ivan Allen or the Atlanta papers will endorse
Mr. Maddox or ir. Calloway because they are both nice people

and do not deserve such a stigma. : j
y mM. (! j

ec: Mr. Lester Maddox

ce: Ivan Allen


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