Box 19, Folder 10, Document 42

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Box 19, Folder 10, Document 42

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Sant dL? /766

‘Diza [eae Ne~
Hiright ne hee op Ma Looten
see aa Lomorrti cankdete fr
goon of Medra pe. yen Bamana ca Mooi
Cine Aidt i tbe ee Mor
pWredkns taL I cen Mike te gue O*
Dart Birern Nedlrn fe €

feng ih PRE ES a oe

Or, om rin a i lag es
Marke. Pe: as
mit ln ny 0 ia be cose,
He Latte Th Cirem Hea. Wher
Come He Fle coemtny, Ahoy pwede int handed
Thar arog 2G: Bel fares a0 sh we Mnmgsd,
De poche at Hesk Ahh one 02
heb Sainran be bagqean of hk propery
Che bew's note he prone 1 < Letlle X-
Aacethy belo ce! Hes ti: ahs,
a Mage Ab. th Dp rime 22
Af enor the Ferd wha wcll hen
wbhtin a Ales ororting | Me acta lly Fh
ther Nanded 2 ot agpotig Me omen g

A Rirthr. Vor
a aS es


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