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Box 19, Folder 11, Document 17

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September 29,1965

Yon,lvan Allen
City Hall

Dear Sir:

A local psychiatrist.,upon viewing your impassioned
condemnation of Lester Maddox,says you have lost contact
with your surroundings,and show a degeneration of per-

sonality. He haopened to be lookingat your TV apvearance,

He suggests fear,following long morbid brooding, based on
some probable deviation for which you have a guilt dread

caused you to exceed self control in your attitude.

He also analyzed one of the subordinate motivescas 2 fear
of reprisal by those who elevated you to public office,
should you not continue in the direction you embraced in

order to gain favor originally.

He suggests that your failure to recognizéithe mood of
your community,and that with an all-out abandon you have

adopted a defiance instead of compliance.

He says Atlanta will desert you and then politically destroy

you and those who erected the structure you erected there

Your abandoned and malignant
attack on the voters,he says,
marks the end of public confidence
in you.

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