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February 23, 1966

Officers - Directors:

President - Joe Gerson Bill Bass

Vice-Pres. - Steve Schmidt Art Collier

Vice-Pres. - Billy Gibson Gene McDermott

Treasurer - Ed Harris Jack Williams

Secretary - J. L. Jerden Elmer Morrow
Joe Pittard
Sid Scarborough
Al Thompson

President Gerson started the meeting discussing committee reports. Steve
Schmidt, Program Chairman, gave the following report:

1 - Proposed five luncheons during the 1966 season as follows:

April llth - Braves vs. Pittsburgh
May 31st - " vs. Dodgers
June 28th - " vs. Cubs

July 27th - " vs. Cardinals
Sept. 27th - " vs. Giants

At each of these luncheons special guests of the teams will be

2 - Proposed the Club give a Player of the Year award at the end of
the season and that a committee be appointed to establish the
criteria for selection and the selection process.

The motion was made by S. Scarborough and seconded by Gene McDermott that
above proposals be accepted. The report was approved by the Board. President
Gerson appointed committee of Gibson, Morrow, Williams and Scarborough, with
Billy Gibson as Chairman, to handle the award. It was moved by Wj Harris,
seconded by Al Thompson, that the president work out details of the location
of the luncheons. This motion carried. Suggestion was made that the player
receiving the award be given a permanent plaque and that another plaque be put
in the Braves' office carrying each year's winner. One other suggestion is to
issue a booklet of tickets to all luncheons rather than do it all by ticket
sales at each luncheon.

Bob Stokes made report on the West Palm Beach trip and advised about 12 to 18
people would be going. Bob has checked the airlines and railroads regarding
a group rate and found them to be impractical with the number we have going.

President Gerson appointed a committee of Ed Harris, J. L. Jerden and Bill Bass
to serve as an auditing committee to make periodic reviews of the books. Motion
made by Harris, seconded by Gibson, that a new checking account be established
requiring two signatures on any check. The President, Treasurer and Executive
Secretary all will be authorized to sign checks. This motion carried.
A report on membership was given. Recommendation was made that the
dues be invoiced to each member rather than requested in letter.

Charter Membership Certificates were discussed. Ed Harris will get
the design from Larry Werber and get these printed.

Respectfully submitted,
— a ;

f \ A ae if

NJ 9c keg pm

de L. sepaen, Secretary


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