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Immediate Rel eas e
(Tue sday, Jun e 18, 19 68 )
Mayor Joh n V. Linds ay and Ma yor Car l Stoke s of Cleveland have agreed
to serve as c6-chai rmen of a mayo rs 1 commi tt e e in suppo r t of th e Poor People 's
Solidari ty Day March in Wash in gton tomorr ow (Wed nesday , Jun e 19).
Mayor Lindsay and Mayor Stokes released th e f o l lowing stateme nt fro m
t heir offices today:
"Tomorrow, June 1 9th, thousand s o f peop l e from acro ss this count ry
will gathe r in Washington , D. C . to particip ate in th e Poor People's Sol id arity
Day Mar ch.
"They wi ll march , in peace , for the right of each c i ti zen to be dec e ntl y
fed , clothed and housed .
"They wi ll march , in peace , for th e ri gh t o f every citizen to work a
full week and enjoy the fruits o f their l abor .
"1'hey wi ll march, in peace , for the right of every citi ze n to live
wi t hout fe a r and to be judged without p r ejudic8 .
" Th ey will march, in pec1c2 , fo r the ho pes o f us all .... fo r that day
when we will agai n be on e Nation .
"We, the und ersigned Mayo r s , feel it only fitting and proper that we
publ ic ly p rocla im our c ommitment to the goals of those who mar ch tomorrow.
"Nowhere is the viol en c e, poverty and division agains t which th ey
fight more deeply felt than in our great cit ies .
In th is sense, ~h eir caus e
is o ur s and we must su pport them. "
Hugh J. Addonizio , ~ayor , Newark , N .J . ; Jo seph M. Al i oto, Mayor,
San Francisco, Calif.; Ivan All en ,Jr . , Mayor, At lant a , Ga., Joseph M. Barr,
Mayor , Pitts burgh , Pa. ; Thomas P. Byrne , Mayor , St. Paul, Min n.
J prnme P. Cavanagh, Mayor, Detroi~ . Mi c h . ; A. J. Cervantes , May or,
St. Lou i s, Mo. ; J ames N. Co rbet t, Jr., Tucson, Ariz. ; Thomas G. Currigan ,
Mayo r , Den ver , Colo.; Thomas D 1 Alesandro , Mayor , Balt imore , Md .
Bruno Gi o r danoi Mayor, St amfo r d, Co nn .; Milton H. Grah am , Mayor ,
Phoe nix , Ariz. ; Richard G. Hatcher , Mayor , Gary , In d . ; John V . Linds ay ,
Mayor , New Yo r k , N.Y
.; Henry
W. Mai e r, Milwa uke e , Wisc.
Arthu r Nafta lin, Mayor , Mirlneapolis , Min n. ; Fr a nk A. Sedi ta, Bu ffa lo,
N.Y. ; Ca r l B. Stokes , May o r , Cl eve land, Oho ; Anton in a P . Ucc el lo, Mayor ,
Hartford, Conn. ; Wa lter E. Washington , Ma yor , Dist r ict of Columbia ; Ke vi n
H. White , Mayor , Boston, Mass. ; Sam ue l W. Yo r y , Mayor , Los Angeles , Cali f.