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M Mf (THE WV ASHINCTO! POST Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967


) Zablocki Plans Legislation

‘ House Bill Would Strip
Baseball of Exemption

1 Associated Press

Rep. Clement J. Zablocki (D-Wis.) said last night he will in-
troduce legislation to strip organized professional baseball
of its present exemption from the Nation's antitrust laws. a
Zablocki.and other members of Congress from Wisconsin oa
were strongly opposed to the move of the Milwaukee Braves 7
to Atlanta, which came _ in* = i A ni
spite of efforts by the state of mh,
Wisconsin to prevent the

“Now that the Supreme
Court has refused to review the
adverse decision in the Braves Passage of his bill, Zablock
; 1s jcase,” Zablocki said in a state. Said, would not mean return o
} ment, “new legislation appears the Braves to Milwaukee, How
to be almost the only hope of ever, he said he believes i

lic and Congressional opinior
that baseball’s “high-handec
flaunting of the public interes’
must be stopped.”

es . 4


breaking the arbitrary power of
basebali owners and restoring
the game to the fans.”

Similar legislation was intro
‘duced by Zablocki at the be-
\ginning of the 89th Congress.
The bill was sent to the House

90th Congress, Zablocki said he

believes there is growing pub


would expedite the formatior
of a new major league or rapic
expansion .of the present

If baseball is stripped of it:
present exemption from anti
trust laws, he said, it is proba

sold or: re
struck down

until he is
would be


Pat Ree 1

“t tte


Judiciary Committee, which ble that features of the presen!

d took no action. system, such as territoria
, Stating he is hopeful of agreements and the reserve ) phe

; action on his proposal in the clause binding a player to one


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