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Box 21, Folder 45, Document 11

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August 15, 1967

Mr. Edmund W. Hughes

Managing Director

Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council
Suite 1130, Commerce Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Hughes:

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr., has forwarded to us a photo copy of your letter of
August 7, 1967, regarding the possible utilization of the new federal funds avail-
able through the National Highway Safety Bureau by the City of Atlanta. We note
in Mayor Allen's reply to you his request that we “communicate with you and prepare
the necessary request for funds". We, in turn, have the following report.

We met with Mr. Ben.A. . coordin -Highway.fafety fon-the State
of Georgia on August 4, i967, ‘Anong those present at the meeting were Mr

k- Nixon, Jodes Haeeenel ole, Mr. Charles L. Davie, Mr. J. Lewis Cook, and
some of their associates. All funds allocated under the National Highway Safety

Act will be handled Ghxeugh Mr. Ben A. Jordan's office. Mr. Jordan and his asso-
ciates explained the dures that are to be fo owed, and wé are in a process

The first request from Mr. Ben Jordan's office is that we prepare (within
the next few days) a complete estimate of all expenditures anticipated for the
next ten years in the field of traffic safety. These estimates are then to be
reduced by us to fill out a fourteen or fifteen page questionnaire which will
be submitted to Mr. Jerdan's office for his review and inclusion in similar esti-
mates for the entire State of Georgia.

As soon as Mr. Jordan's office has this project cleared, he expects to have
available application blanks for various other projects under the National Highway
Safety Act. As things d D d ai
traffic engineer ng other ‘thar pearch projec his fact was discussed
at somé : and although we regret that it is true everyone present at the
meeting with Mr. Jordan agreed that for the moment that is the situation. Several
possible ways to enter this project field through "the back door” were discussed
and are currently being investigated by us. We would appreciate your filling us
in on what your letter indicates is probably seme additional information that has
not yet come to ue.

One of the requirements in this procedure is for each city to establish a
coordinator through whom all requests for federal grants will clear. As you know,
the City of Atlanta has such a coordinator, and we are ready to proceed in-se-far
as that part of the setup is concerned. Details on this coordinating procedure
Mr. Edmund W. Hughes
August 15, 1967
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can be obtained from Mr. Charles L. Davis, City Comptroller.

Thank you very much for your continued interest in this subject. We will
look forward to receiving the additional information which your telephone conversa-
tion and your letter indicate you will soon have.

dae Cen
Rarl A. Bevins

ce: Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mr. Charles L. Davis


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