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March 28, 1967

Mr. Roy V. White

‘Ammons, White and Associates
3608 Chamblee Tucker Road
Chamblee, Georgia 30005

Dear Mr. White:

Mayor Allen referred to me your letter concerning the idea of providing helicopter
ambulances for accident victims. Frankly, there is no doubt in my mind that the
day will come when this is done.

As I am sure you are aware, the fatality rate per casualty is lower in Vietnam
than in any previous conflict of this type. There is no question but that the exten-
sive use of helicopters in providing quick treatment for the wounded accounts for

As traffic becomes heavier and heavier, the difficulty of reaching the injured and
removing them to the hospital becomes greater and greater.

We have no figures to accurately judge just how many cases there might have been
where receiving treatment 10 or 15 minutes sooner might have reduced the degree
of injury or prevented a fatality. I would suspect there were a number of such

cases. A study such as you suggest would be helpful in establishing the potential
advantage of such a service, as well as determining its cost.

My thanks for this suggestion. I hope it might shorten the time until such service
is enacted,


Edmund W. Hughes

onthiges Ivan Allen
Mr. J. W. Pinkston

Grady Hospital


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