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Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council
1130 Commerce Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Telephone: 688-3411 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 9, 1967

Fatal traffic accidents in metropolitan Atlanta during January were reduced to half
the number of January, 1966, The total number of people killed in traffic in the area
was down 30 per cent.

Metropolitan area figures compiled by the Atlanta Traffic and Safety Council show
that 26 fatal accidents occurred in the five-county area during the first month of last
year, compared to 13 during January ofthis year. However, the number of multiple-
death accidents this year has been higher than usual, so that 21 died this year in the
13 accidents, compared to 30 last year in 26 accidents.

Council President George Goodwin credited a substantial part of the reduction to
efforts made by law enforcement officers and officials in the five-county area to strike
at the causes of accidents, The governments have been following an accident reduction
program outlined by the Council at the end of the record death year, 1966,

"Police over the whole area are concentrating their enforcement on violations which
have been causing the most serious accidents,’ Mr. Goodwin said, "J am confident that
this substantial decrease in the number of deaths and fatal accidents is reflecting the

increase in the quantity and quality of enforcement."

the Council report as the factor most often involved in the 1966 increased traffic deaths,

In the city proper there were 196 fewer accidents during this January than last January,

80% Syuare_

The deaths this year included a head-on collision in DeKalb County which killed four,
a three-car smash-up in Fulton which killed four and an expressway bridge abuttment
accident in Atlanta in which three died, ¥

Only Fulton County showed an increase in the number of deaths so far this year, In
Fulton 11 people were killed in six accidents this January, compared to eight killed in
seven accidents last year,

The accompanying chart shows the five-county traffic death breakdown including a
separate lisiting for the City of Atlanta, Six of the Atlanta deaths appear in Fulton

County totals and one in DeKalb figures.

1967 1966
Fatal Fatal

Deaths Accidents Deaths Accidents
Clayton County 0 0 0 0
Cobb County 3 3. 9 8
DeKalb County 6 3 9 8
Fulton County ll 6 8 7
Gwinnett 1 1 & 3
Total 21 13 30 26

City of Atlanta 7 5 7 6


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