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Items for inclusion in ernie report:-

Hot summers

Guaranteed income

Relief and welfare systems

Profile of ghetto -- population by age & number

Youth of population -- median age of ghetto 10 years lower
than rest of population (Gordon to check out)

Ombudsman for the schools -- at entry-point -- 1/3 again number
of teachers

Technology -- high labor component

Social services vis-a-vis job creation and employment

Social costs of technology -- suppressing technology

COMSAT -- cutting down labor component

Fewer man hours into rehabilitation than building new construction

Price of development of ghetto -- doesn't work without
continuous pumping from outside

Ghetto population can't be taxed to provide services
Join with revenue flow of the system -- fiscal & tax implications
Characteristics of the ghetto not applicable to the model?

Problem of the decayed city is where the concentrations of race
and poverty mix:

(a) measure degree of concentration of Negro population
(b) income distribution
(c) poverty census

Where are the white poor?

Retrogressive tax system built into housing.


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