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Box 22, Folder 2, Document 49

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March 6, 1967

Mrs. Joyce Sewell
Executive Offices

Atlanta Marriott Moter Hotel
Courtland at Cain

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Joyce:

i have some definite information on our important, confidential dignitaries
who will be staying and meeting at the Marriott next week. 1 will list them
by name, address, and room requirements, and hope that you could pre=-

register them:
Name and Address

Mr. H. Ralph Taylor
Washington, D. C.

Mr. Taylor's Assistant

Mr. Paul Yivisaker
Ford Foundation

477 Madison Avenue
New York, New York

Prof. & Mrs. Julian Levi
University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Ben Alexander
Defense Research Corp.
6300 Hollister Ave.
Golite, California

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Berry
Chicago Urban League

4500 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Room Requirements

Single = arriving March 9
Cheek out March 10

Single = arriving March 9
Check out March 10

Single = arriving evening of
March 8 = check out afternoon
of March 10

Double room = arriving March 9
check out afternoon of March 10

Single = He will arrive on Delés

186 at 5:40a.m. on March 8 and
wants fo sleep the balance of

morning. He will check out March 10,

Double = Arrive March 8
DepartmMarch 10
Mrs. Joyce Sewell
Name and Address

Mr. Stuart Chapin
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Mr. Anthony Downs

Real Estate Research Corp.
73 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Ezra Ehrenkraniz

Building Systems Development Corp.
120 Broadway

San Francisco, California

Mr. Richard C. Leone
Washington, D. C.

Mr. Gordon Macinnes
Asst. to Mr. Leone
Washington, D. C.

March 6, 1967

Room Requirements

Single + Late arrival
March 8 = check out
March 10

Single = Arrival March 8
Depart March 10

Single = Arrival March 8
Depart March 10 (1 don't
have flight info on him, but
it might be an unusual time)

Single = Arrive late
March 8 « depart March 10

Single = Arrive late
March 8 = departmMarch 10

This is less than we originally discussed . . . nine instead of 16 rooms.

Our meeting room set up will be fine, but would still like to use Tara 3
for the luncheon each day. Actually, the one o'clock lunch time on
Friday is excellent, as they will conclude the meeting at the late luncheon.

My tentative figure for the luncheon on Thursday will be 10 at 12:30 and

15 on Friday at 1:00 o'clock.

Please help me keep this confidential as to the meeting. It is perfectly
ok for the individual names to appear on the hotel registration.


Mrs. Ann M. Moses
Executive Secretary


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