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Box 22, Folder 19, Document 15

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MEMORANDUM December 12, 1966

TO : Ivan
FROM : Ann
RE : Special Task Force meeting in Washington

I talked with Ardee Ames and the meeting is set for Thursday,
December 15th at 10:00 a.m. I explained to him you inability to
get there before noon, and he said that it usually took them an

hour or so to warm up,

At the luncheon, Mr. Chester Rapkin, who was Chairman of the
study group last year, will talk about how they went about what

they did,

The meeting will be in room 444, Executive Office Building, and
the luncheon will be in the cafeteria in the same building. You
should go to room 444, and if they have left, check by room 237

(Ardee Ames office) for instructions where to meet for lunch,

You are confirmed as follows:

EASTERN flight 130, leave Atlanta 10:35
Arrive Washington National 12:00 ,, 4:

EASTERN flight 137, Leave Washington National 5:40 p.m.
Non-stop to Atlanta 7:12 (dinner served)

Also at this meeting, plans will be made as how to continue in

January, with interviews, etc, It sounds like a rather important meeting.


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