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Subcommittee on Executive Reorganization
of the
Senate Committee on Government Operations
Tuesday, Novenber 29 (9:30 a.m.)

David Rockefeller, President, Chase Manhattan Bank

Richard Scammon, Vice President, Governmental Affairs Institute

Wednesday, November 30

Roy Wilkins, Executive Director, National Association for the Advancement
‘of Colored People

Harry Golden, author and publisher, Carolina Israelite

Honorable George Edwards, Judge, U. S. Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit

Dr. Robert Coles, Research Psychiatrist, Harvard University Health Services

Friday, December 2
Dr. James M. Hester, President, New York University
Dr. George Sternlieb, Professor, Rutgers University Urban Studies Center

Lee S. Sterling, Executive Director, American Property Rights Association, inc
New York City


Monday, December’ 5
Constantinos Doxiadis, President, Doxiadis Associates, Inc.
Walter Reuther, President, United Auto Workers, (accompanied by Jack Convey,
Executive Director, Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO)
Tuesday, December 6

A. Philip Randolph,: President, Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, (accon-
panied by Bayard Rustin, Executive Director, A. Philip Randolph Institute)

Lee Rainwater, Professor of. Sociology end Anthropology, Washington University,
St. Louis, Missouri

Anthony Dechant, President, National Farmers Union

Milton Kotler, Institute for Policy Studies

Wednesday, December 7

Gerald L. Phillippe, Chairman of the Board, General Electric Company
Dr. Philip B. Hallen, President, Maurice Falk Medical Fund, Pittsburgh, Pa.
James W. Rouse, President, Community Research and Development, Inc.

James H. Torrey, Senior Vice President, and Bruce P. Hayden, Vice Prosident,
Connecticut General Life Insurance Company

Dr. William Doebele, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

Thursday, December 8
Floyd McKissick, National Director, Congress of Racial Equality
Herbert J. Gans, Senior Research Sociologist, Center for Urban Education

Joseph Monserrat, National Director of the Migration Division, Department
of Labor of Puerto Rico

Dr. John Spiegel, Director, Center for the Study of Violence, Branddeis
. University

Friday, December 9

Budd Schulberg, author, (accompanied by Mr. Harry E. Dolan, Mr. Johnie Scotti,
and Mr. Stan Sanders)

Derek V. Roemer, Psychologist, National Institute of Mental Health

Helen Peterson, Director of Community Relations, Denver, Colorado

Monday, December 12 2

Reverend Leon H. Sullivan, Chairman, Board of Directors, Opportunities
industrialization Center, Philadelphia, Pa.

Mrs. Hortense Gabel, Former Administrator, City Rent and Rehabilitation
Administration, New York City

Tuesday, December 13
Daniel P. Moynihan, Director, Joint Center for Urban Studies, Harvard-MIT
Herbert J. Sturz, Director, Vera Institute of Justice, New York City

Dr. Kenneth B. Clark, Director, Social Dynamics Research Institute, City
College of New York

Edward J. Logue, Administrator, Boston Redevelopment Authority

Wednesdey, December 14
McGeorge Bundy, President, Ford Foundation
Whitney M. Young, Jr., Executive Director, National Urban League

Howard R. Leary, Commissioner of Police, New York City

Thursday, December 15

Dr. Martin Luther ing, President, Southern Christian Teadership Conference


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