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Legislative Recommendaticns on Housing

December, 1968

The Department on Family and Children Services is called upon adjust
welfare grants so as to remove inequities in housing and maintenance.
This. adjustment will require legislative action:

A. The Georgia State Legislature is called upon to increase the
standard budget allowance for shelter in Department of Family
and Children Services grants throughout the state, and to
allocate the money necessary to fund these grants.

B. Reasonable investigation of present system of payments to deter-
mine basis for adjustment.

The state laws should be amended to provide:
A. Tenant participation in:

1. Policy-making, by enlargement of local housing authority
governing bodies to allow for the tenant membership - Reduce
terms office from ten to three years.

2. Management
a. Development of respect for tenant organizations in an

advisory capacity; prohibition of turning off utilities
for non-payment of rent.


b. Establishment of tenant-review board to hear and investigate
complaints, recommending disciplinary action in repetitious
cases; disciplinary action against management upon 10 or more

written complaints filed with the tenant association.

c. Appointment of tenants to the next vacancies from a
democratically selected list of nominees.

d. Appointment of resident project managers with authority
to act.


B. Democratic elections of officers in tenant associations.

C. Requirements for health and sanitation to meet the original goals

of public housing for tenant families at the expense of the housing

authority and no increase in rents.
D. Reorganization of eviction procedures to;

1. Allow six days instead of present four.
2. Removal of requirement for double indemnity bonds where


2 SS

“ -dispossessory warrants are contested in court,

3. Require that receipts be furnished tenants for all charges
including: warrant fees, utility bills, repairs, etc.

4. Removal of Section 9-A and like provisions making
evictions purely discretionary with managers.

The officials and staff of public housing authorities are called
upon to work for the social goals recommended by the Housing
Assistance Administration March 22, 1968, including also:

A. Respect for tenants as individuals and human beings.

B. Same regulations and codes for public housing as exist for
private housing,

C. Uniform requirements in regard to rules and elimination of
dues except as established by tenant associations.

D. Arrangement of office hours and facilities to suit convenience
of most tenants.

E. Public announcements and advertising in regard to vacancies,
changes and possibilities for transfers, as well as, itemized
financial reports by housing authorities.

F. Raising minimum income requirements for youth family members
to $600 before inclusion as family income for rent adjustments.

G. Rents not to be increased on the basis of a child's income
for one year after high school graduation on the assumption that
he will be saving for future educational expenses.


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