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Box 3, Folder 13, Document 49

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Citizens Central Advisory Council

Legislative Recommendation
of the
Education Sub-Committee


December 17, 1968

I. The Georgia State Legislature is called upon to pass the following


At present the board of education candidate's fee is $900.00.
This large fee eleminates the possibility of grass root people
becoming candidates.

We recommend that the board of education candidate's fee be
reduced to $25.00 in order to insure the possibility of all
persons being fostered the opportunity to run in the election.

Several months ago the Department of Health, Education and Welfare
evaluated the school system of the United States and Georgia
rated forty-ninth.

In order to dissolve the education lag in Georgia, training

must start at an early age. We therefore reccomend compulsive
kindergarten throughout the state,

All teachers be placed in their major area of training.

Funds be withheld until local boards of education comply with
the State Board of Education's requirements.

Representatives to Boards of Education be elected by wards and areas.

Textbooks be selected by the area’ superintendent with advice of
community advisory committees.


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