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Although the nation in general and Atlanta in particular is
experiencing relatively high employment, the hard core poor, i.e.
the chronically unemployed require immediate and direct assistance.
These unskilled men and women who are currently unproductive and
therefore impose a heavy drain on welfare and other dependency
programs would prefer to be : employed and productive if given the
necessary training and/or work.

Therefore, we call upon our state representatives and city
officials to enact legislation which will:

A. Establish a Public Employment Program including the following

1. Public work and beautification program for limited skilled,
unemployed persons in urban communities.

2. New Careers programs in public departments.

3. Establishment of sub professional job categories in the
State Merit System.

4. Create a public advisory committee to the Department of

B. Establish a Skills Center designed to offer training, evaluation,
and placement to the unemployed in the urban centers of the

l. This center would accept persons with no prerequisites
based on education, training, income, etc.

2. The center would have an advisory committee representing
enrollees, business, education, labor and community action

3. Such a center would deal specifically with the unemployment
problem of females by offering training, providing day care
and developing job placements for them.

C. Enforce nondiscrimination in all (city) and state contracts
let by any department.



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