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The most serious problem facing the poor in Atlanta and
throughout the state is the impending freeze of welfare as-
sistance. The level of assistanceis already too low. It
should be raised. But if it must remain at this low level,
at least continue this sole support for mothers with depen-
dent children.

The Congressmen from Georgia are urged to work for the
repeal of those provisions which would freeze AFDC at current

The proposed tax revision poses a real threat to the
families of the poor throughout the state.

The general sales and use of tax is the most regressive
tax. It takes a far larger percentage of the poor man's
income than a rich man's, simply because the poor man spends
a great deal of his income on necessities.

If the General Assembly increases the taxes which are
regressive in.nature, loss of purchasing power would be a
crippling blow to the already low standard of living of the
poor family.

We urge the Georgia Assembly to reject any plans which would
increase the tax burden of the poor in our state.


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