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Ailanta’s Newspaper Of Distinction

40 Fi

Paying Visit to Nortl

An international bus filled with 40 Ameri-
can Field Service students from 25 countries
will arrive at Peachtree Presbyterian Church

_ today, Jilly 3, at 1 p.m. Its passengers have

spent a year as members of families and as stu-
dents of local high schools in communities
across the United States.

Activities planned for the teenage visitors

include old-fashioned Fourth of July picnics, the

| annual parade, and sightseeing.

On Saturday, because they wish to learn
about our urban and social problems, they will

be taken on a tour of a poverty area, a communi-.


his in nares een edhentintininaimitiinieniemesesinateamcen*

ty center and an urban renewal area. The tour
will begin at 2 p.m. at the KOA center, 486 Deca-
tur St. Shopping Center, “== ’

Bus Number 48 is one of 74 touring buses
enroute to Washington D.C.,-where over 3,040
AFS students will have a final meeting before
returning to their own countries. The end-of-
year bus trip exposes the students to more of the
United States than they would otherwise see
from their home communities. Over 25,000
families in over 650 communities host bus trip
Students. Handling all the arrangements for the

So eta a mst aie


bus stop in Atlanta is Mrs. Harry L. Holloman of
Sandy Springs.

The American Field Service conducts Inter-
national Scholarship Progrants for students 16

ta 18 years of age from many nations, A non- °

profit organization with no religious or political
affiliations, it seeks to foster understanding of
the differences and similarities which exist
among peoples of the world.

To accomplish this aim there are two Ameri-

' ean Field Service Programs: One, Students to

the U.S., in 1968-69 has brought more than

. 3000 students from 61 countries to live, study

and join in community life in the United States.
The other, Americans Abroad, in the current

year has sent over 1400 students to 48 coun- .

tries overseas for an equivalent experience.

‘from 75 countries have participated in the AFS |

In the past 21 years, over 47,000 students

eran AFS has 40 overseas offices and
volunteer Chapters throughout the U.S.


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