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RLY 12, 1869

EOA Plays Big Rele

life Presents A Brighter
Side To 1-Year-Old Sharon

For nearly I3. years, Sha-

, -ron Dennis” parents, bro-


thers, sisters ami friends

_ thought she was retarded. ~~
She did not attemd school.

She could not talk. And she
could not understand what
was said to her.

Today however. she goes
to school, and plays at the
Suiu-Mec EOA Center beca-
use of the work afMrs, Ber-
nice Miller, an EQA Neigh-
borhood Service Aide. She
found that Sharem was not
mentally retarded but almost

The 15-year-old black
youngster from the Mechan-
fcsville area of Atlanta liv-
ed with almost 20 family

“members in a painfully cro-

wded 31/2 room house on
Georgia Avenue.

Her family, like countless
impoverished bkack fami-

lies, earns less than $2000
ayear, —

covered Sharon but she

learned that her mother had
anearnestdesire to enroll the
child in some school, She did
not however, know the proper
procedure. The aide recom-
mended her mother send

Sharon to anearby EOA Cen-
ter until plans could be com-
pleted. The mother agreed,

But Mrs. Miller’s work

with EOA required that she -

temporarily leave Sharon
and Mrs. Harritt Darnell, a
Home Service Technician at
the Summerhill-Mechanics-
ville Center, kept in touch
with the child by frequent vi-
sits to her home and by gi-
ving helpful suggestions to
her mother.

When Mrs. Miller visited .-
the k home, she not only dis- ~

In 1968, Mrs. Miller re-
entered Sharon's life and
_discovered that she still had:

“Snot been enrolled in any

school, Immediately, she
contacted the Bryant School
for a psychological test,

the Butler Health Center
for a physical examination
and Milton Avenue School for
possible acceptance, All
went favorably,

The school putSharon inan
age-grouping since there is
no grading system and im-
mediately Sharon became in-
volved in physical skills,
grooming and oral expres-
sion, Hopefully she will ul-
timately write understand-
ably. Her progress since
1968 has been commendable,

Sharon still lives at the

-crowded Georgia Avenue ad-


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