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Sure ‘Tl


One thing can be said with
certainty about the outcome of
the mayor's race—Mrs. Linda
1 Jenness, the
-- 4. Workers Party

.| candidate,
Cy, won't win.
She's virtually
-~ unknown, has
q little money,
- Pa has a platform
i un acceptable

{to the majority
+ of voters and is
a woman. But

Alex C aff
that ect deterred her cam-

‘| paigning.
-| Mrs. Jenness won't attract as
‘|much attention as other can-

ving In Maay

Is Mrs. Jenness Won’t Win

ee eee

didates, but she has something

to say and here it is:

For example, she explained
recently how her soc’**: | cam-
paign differs from that of a
capitalist politician, who, she
said is either satisfied with the
status quo or believes

Comment and Ariatas ysis

can be made within the frame-
work of the existing capitalist

“Since the priinexz- goal of
the capitalist politician is to get
elected, he will make whatever
unholy alliances are necessary
to achieve this aim. How many
Democratic presidents have
been elected on the basis of a

| tion of oppressed people. .

or’s Race

voting bloc between the labor
bureaucracy, moderate black
leaders and the Dixiecrats?
Capitalist politicians often at-
tempt to woo the vote of the
black community and the labor
movement with sugary prom-
ises and when elected throw

- -the promises in the waste bas-

ket,’ she said.

Socialist candidates, however,
don’t believe the major prob-
lems of the nation can be solved
“by piling reforms one on top
of the other within the walls
of the capitalist system,” she
said. Mrs. Jenness added that
the United States’ foreign policy
attempts to preserve capitalism
throughout the world and inter-
vene against “the rising revolu-

At home, the “racist plague
- . . cannot be wiped out with-
out uprooting the existing eco-
nomic and political order. ...
The privileged minority of cap-
italists that run this country
cannot permit the black com-
munity to control its own affairs
because it would end the profit-
able fruits of racism,” she said.

Mrs. Jenness demands abol-
ishment of sales and gasoline
taxes, no taxes on income less
than $7,500 and 100 per cent on
incomes more than $25,000, rais-
ing corporate taxes and 100 per
cent tax on war profits.

“Politicians like (Everett)
Millican, (Sam) Massell and
(Rodney) Cook may argue that
this would be a good demand
but it is impossible. It is only
‘impossible’ if you are a capital-
ist politician attempting to de-
fend the capitalist system,’’ she

- * *

The Atlanta Water Depart-
ment set an all time record
June 27 when the system
pumped 129.6 million gallons.

- 2 =

Tenants United for Fairness
(TUFF) have asked six organ-
izations invited by the Atlanta
Housing Authority to select
representatives to’ the public
housing advisory committee to

The six are the Atlanta Legal\
Aid Society, Housing Resources |
Committge, Economic Oppor-|
tunity.Atlanta, Atlanta Urban]
Ledgue, Atlanta Christian Coun-
cil and the Community Council
of the Atlanta Area,

* * -

Reliable sources say Dr. Hor-
ace Tate is having trouble rais-
ing money for his campaign for
mayor. Other political observers
say that while Tate is far from

being highly popular in the
black community, he may get al
lot of votes just because he is|

top elected spot in the city.
* * *

Add Dr. John Middleton, presi-
dent of Morris Brown College,
as a strong possibility for the
new 9th Ward seat on the At-
lanta Board of Aldermen.

Jerry. Luxemburger, a leader
of Good Government Atlanta, |
told the Community Relations
Commission recently, that his
group had not been as success-
ful as it had hoped in getting
school board candidates.

Luxemburger predicted that
Ed §S. Cook of the First Ward
and Robinson W. Schilling of
the 6th Ward will retire after!
this term.

Luxemburger had high words)

newest member, William T. |
Beebe of the 8th Ward. |
a * *

John Boone is leaving the |
Southern Regional Council to,
take a job with the U.S. Depart-|
ment of Justice.

the first black candidate for the| ,

of praise for the school board's’!


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