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16-A WheAtlaniaYourwal Thursday, July 10, 1969

Education Board,
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Atlanta Journal Education Editor

It was a long, painful process, but the Atlanta Board of Ed-

ucation and the education subcommittee of the Citizens Advisory

Council of Economic Opportunity Atlanta have begun to ‘‘com-

municate.” ‘=
which has been critical of the

citizens subcommittee, | board for failure to communi-
cate, began a series of meet-
ings with the board Wednesday
night to discuss 12 educational
recommendations being pro-
posed by the subcommittee,
The first meeting, dealing
with the problems of free and
partial pay lunches for children
of disadvantaged homes, at first
appeared to be stalled.

DESPITE the subcommittee's
claim that it wants to work with
the board to improve education
in Atlanta, it was obvious some
of the members were there to
“tell the board off.”

Nevertheless, two positive de-

velopments came out of the
First, the subcommittee asked
and received permission to dis-
tribute applications for free and
partial pay lunches door to door
in most parts of the city.

The blanks are currently be-
ing sent home by children, and
as a result many never reach
the parents or simply aren't un-
derstood by the parents when
they do arrive.

Subcommittee members
agreed to take on some respon-
sibility for explaining the val-

uable forms to the parents and

if necessary helping them fillimember Dr, Asa Yancey told
them out, the board.
Secondly, the subcommittee
“WITH THE extremely dis-|members were told by school
advantaged you literally have|lunch personnel that they need
to take them by the hand andJlocal support from citizens to
lead them to a form like this /help get a bill passed to provide
wild help them fill it out and re-|for state participation in the
turn it for them because all of | school lunch program.
the spontaniety is gone," board| ‘You people could help us in

getting some stale money for
lunches," said Area II coordi-
nator Mrs. Rose Thompson. "We| .
can't do anymore,"

Mrs. Thompson pointed out
that Atlanta has 77 per cent}
participation in the school lunch
program whereas the national
average is 38 per cent.


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