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Box 3, Folder 17, Document 65

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“Legion Hails
West End
Chiid Center

The Georgia American Le-
gion’s citation award for an
agency which employs older
persons as child-care workers
has been presented to the West
End Child Development Center.

State Labor Commissioner
Sam Caldwell made’ the award !
to the center at 760 West End
Ave. on behalf of the sponsoring
veterans organization.

Achievements of the__Eco-_

nomic .Opportunity..A.t1La.o ba.
agency — which operates a
Head Start program — and a
brochure on its program as the
first in the nation to hire the
elderly as a majority of its staff
will be submitted for national
- A statewide contest linked to
a national campaign to promote
employment of elderly workers
Jed to the selection of West End
center in Atlanta for the award.



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