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College Park Woman

Still Active ut 86.

At 86, Mrs. Marge Hayes of
College Park spends a great
deal of her time reading the

in the next world.

“T don’t know anything I’ve
done to live so long,’”’ Mrs.
Hayes said as she sat in a
porch swing at her home at
217 Redwine Ave. ‘It’s been
through no merit of mine, but
God’s will. My days are num-
bered but I don’t know for
how long.”’

But Mrs. Hayes doesn't
think her days are so num-
bered that she cannot be an
active member of her block
club or the Senior Citizens
Club of Economic _Opportuni-
_ ty Atlanta, Inc. aha

She is chairman of FOA..


Block Club No. 9 and is also
' chairman of the Senior Citi-
zens’ Club No. 1.

_ How did she become inter-
: ested in EOA and its activi-
ties? ‘Well, when my late

husband was sick Mrs. Thel-
‘ma Abbott, who worked with

e .JOA, made sure that he was
Bible and thinking about life

‘iaken to the doctor or the hos-
pital every time he had an
appointment. She was a bless-

ing to us."’
“And, EOA also showed us
how to get things done
teenage -CNAC (Citizens

Neighborhood Advisory
Committee). Through block
clubs No. 9 and 4 we peti-
tioned for a bus in our area.
We also petitoned that my
street and Roosevelt Avenue
be opened and paved. Roo-
sevelt was opened last year
and they will finish my street
this year.”

“Another reason is that if
you are going to be a Chris-

tian you've got to help your ;
neighbors as much as you can

and believe in God.”’

Mrs. Hayes said she was
born March 8, 1883 in Luther-
ville, Ga. ‘‘That is not very

long ago when compared to
eternity,’’ she commented.

She had 11 children in two
marriages. “Eight of my
children are still living includ-
ing my son, The Rev. R. N.
Martin, who is my pastor. He
preaches a pretty good ser-

She is proud of a silver
pitcher and dish that she re-

ceived from Rich's at two
parties for 80 year olds. “I
won last year because I had
the most descendants, 90. I
won again this year because I
now have 100 descendents.
And, if I live, I hope to win at
next year’s party.”’


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