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Box 3, Folder 17, Document 90

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April 28, 1969

Mr. Carl Paul

City Personnel Department
City Hall Annex

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Carl:

You will recall that we met on April 15, to discuss the Atlanta
Beautification Corps and the possibilities of finding fulltime
City employment for members of this organization.

It was agreed at that meeting that Personnel would review the
health and personnel records of all members of the ABC Corps
to determine those that could meet minimum standards for City
employment and those who could not. Mr. Farrow was to
attermpt to place those people starting at the top who had
qualifications in City job slots where possible and to refer those
at the bottom with no skills and no qualifications to EOA so that
they might attempt to get them seme assistance.

Time is rapidly running out to complete this chore and I hope
that we have made some progress along these lines. It is my
understanding that all except 23 of the employees are schedules
to be terminated May 1. I hope that we have been able to place
a number of these people by that deadline.

Sincerely yours,

Dan Sweat

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bec: Mr, Clint Rodgers

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