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‘\ Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc.

O A 101 Marietta Street Bldg. e Atlanta, Georgia 30303 e Telephone 688-1012
T. M. Parham

Executive Administrator

March 24, 1969

The Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor of the City of Atlanta “=
City Hall bl Wi/ Up

Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mayor Allen:

As you know the Atlanta Concentrated Employment Program
(ACEP) has a contract with the City of Atlanta for a component
Known as the Atlanta Beautification Corps (ABC) Program. We
currently have about 58 low income residents of the center
city employed under this contract. Their salaries are paid
by stipends received from U.S. Department of Labor. The ABC
enrollees have made a valuable contribution to the City of
Atlanta through their work which involves cleaning up streets
and public facilities in the low income areas of the city.

The original intent of this program was that the
residents could gain work experience and improve their work
habits through this program in the hope that they could be
eventually hired in city or other jobs requiring minimum
educational credentials. We have just been advised by the
Department of Labor that we will have to phase out the ABC
Program by August 31, 1969, and budgetary limitation will
force us to cut the number of available slots from 60 to
20 by May 4th of this year. Our staff has been working
cooperatively with a number of city officials in attempting
to provide jobs in the Public Works and Parks and Recreation
Departments of Atlanta. Specifically Mr. Johnny Robinson,
Mr. Ed Hulsey, and Aldermen Everett Milligan and 0.V.
Williamson have been attempting to work out a solution
Mayor Allen -2- March 24, 1969

that would accomplish this end.

I would appreciate your assistance in helping to work
out a plan which would allow the city to absorb into its
permanent work force approximately 25 of the ABC enrollees
by the end of April. I believe you will find that Mr.
Hulsey and Mr. Delius and others have been impressed with
the overall performance of these enrollees who represent
some of the most disadvantaged citizens in the city.

I believe that they will agree that it would be beneficial
both to the enrollees and to the city to make every effort
to provide these people with meaningful employment.

Any assistance you could give us on this matter would
be very greatly appreciated.

Execyitive Administrator



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