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BIRMINGHAM: Fair to partly cloudy

Alabama's ‘Good Morning’ Newspaper |



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ALABAMA: Partly cloudy, warm

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would be forwarded to mayor, during a time of serious racial cy of cily government to work the budget is $50,000. The hold places on the commis- munity with a report of posi-
zens Task Force has called on city council or department tension or other emergency exclusively in areas of dis- chairman is black and seven sion. live action and whatever re- |
Mayer George Seihels Jy. to heads, Birmingham’s nefgh- situation, the center is ready crimination and community

appoint a standing commuttee
of six members and a chair-

VOL. 99—NO. 48

hor cities of New Orleans and
Atlanta have such a program

to give out accurate informa-
tion about what is really



Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. and


al Fm) ene _ fr a
a 2 Za r HH > | Gar y C oN Se \ Con fF RF ¢ f \@ i Tee
ane e) iY ge i Vr Se oe hee ee ee be cs iS LAD gb
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others of the 20 commission
members are biack.


30 Pages In Two Sections

sults have come about as a

A Bleth -OF, ser people: «la result of the first meeting’s

headed by Executive Director

1 t ocr +
man to hokl evening mectings already in operation, This iS happening. other city officials met togeth- ees Nat Welch, former Alabam- SS Re aren
in city hail fo hear problems the first of two articles con- The Rumor Control Center cr in planning sessions. A Various segments of the ian. Offices are in City Hall ainuat report to the mayor
uf Birmingham citizens and (0 cerning the functions and sue: is a creature of the Atlanta majority vole of the aldermen community are represented where the commission holds a j.4 forwards recommenda.
told public hearings on sub- cess of those groups in those Community Relations for adoption of an ordinance on the commission, whose Public meeting once a month Gone ig city officials on
ects affecting jarge groups. cities. Commission, an organization establishing a Community members are appointed by the @! Which citizens are invited \notever issues being investi-

\nalysis of problems brought

* OK that has been on. the job since

_ Relations Commission was [ol-

mayor‘ and approved by the

to speak. Town Hall meetings

: Z dre thelareatlarly. throucholt gated by the commission.
» the evening city hall mect- BY LILLIAN FOSCUE VANN , November, 1966. A group of lowed by approval of the board of aldermen. The {°° 0° sularly Wirousnoul. “we pave been able to
age . + r *
ngs and reports on public Dial 524-3261 in Atlanta and -“grass-roots” citizens from mavor. clergy, labor, business and ‘he city by the commission. aintain a preity good dia-
earings and “in depth? you have called the Rumor: Southeast Atlanta saw the — The first budget was $25,000. the poor all have veices on Thirty days later the com- logue in Atlanta.” said the
tudies and recommendauens Control Center. In operation need to have an official agen- This year with a staff of six, the commission. Women too mission returns to the com- commission Chairman, the
Rev. Samuel W. Williams, :
pastor of Friendship Baptist ze f i d : a
bor wetw a ow ‘on o . wed w ss St tt ue - ie OF . . orem He wom eo rpO ww.
* * ate -— com by = oo m= bo noc ec te ae ae es =] evoke = ~~ 2 eer abe
and, with the late Dr. Martin wes 2B BER ; 27 Ser Pesto steeh ses gos 885° SEs eeegeseges $2985, SeSaee
= ea &e& 44 wi SGw2l SER CaS Ff De! » Wa Oe SB Pa Ce Oot See we
Luther King, one of the foun- gee Sa oSs2.8 SEtSveeP SepsVaski2 “yeh eses Sas SST reese ots esea SEES ofa" ,e
anys %. = 5 a Sus = wae” a2 — oO Ww om = Se pet ee = OD ses eat = > Gas Be
divs ofthe Southern: Christias Go - 22° g es Sfp et ee keys SSS=bae HEL SER SS BEES RE Ces base eee lve" SFEEZE2
5 =,2 ©§.,8s Sa ee = a Feu -=s go 'o ¢ ee ee = = co ot = wis
Leadership Conference. The zee S,ESES SSS sys eehexvdys 9% FB SSeneZ8, Ge "Gl pASSESES, _ SASS“ LG 0c - 8 oe
acl i i SeSet Sh th 2 °o “CP MYE Ran e GBQPSECRVS cup SS 6eeu a —-~ sn bneasORhEeP Ss" SseSBSs Sean ks wees
Rev. Williams is also profes- to» e& ov SESS ao BPD uw SSSSSSesarssSegs S Be Bt veg a Sus tasSo LSS Less” »ne4ssw “SG SS
sae Bain ; ce peFBaVE Seem Gao Faw “825 oO Oe 4 ac2'5 SRESSS OGrT PHF SSG a Big as Sr moo Sis
sor and chairman of the ee gee 2 BB 298a05 24. .86 Son Zekotss SRPESEELS ES, SES SS RAFRESEEGL ESSERE
Depariment of Philosophy and f{ SSS 8fEL5. = BRASESEL™SSRE Besse & of ohh Sa OeG: LSPS oF Fe oe Zee Smee
a 4 = = co 5 = — ee oa a ae a = = 1 5 H
Religion, Morehouse College. Spent 5:3 SS: 28 Ee o's ee re SCS s coogi Ge wt ee SST Bases yes lage oe ewe
¥ — oy ow = Se Ar = eS a pon a = = a o su 12 > a» ~~
“We do not have too serious wen GN PBpwrwsZ3h —- S52 Besressos A Se eee Ss S- SBOE SR ES EB a SE messes
a generation gap in Atlanta,” wo as 2°SS GSS BES ees hPL Sesst bbe ka SS Se Seah 28 ue Hs ssl a Suse SEALs SEV SEERS =
said the chairman, “but the R of PeSSLsSS RSA BAbse BP seeetseososS Pega aeu SS? Poe RS _peusSstESsas sees? 2 SHS
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