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Atlanta’s Community Re=
lations Commission an-
nounced today plans for it's
“Workshop on Black Busi-
ness Opportunities’”’ to be
held February 20 in the new
building of Atlanta Univer-
sity’s School of Business,

The workshop will be co-
sponsored by the Atlanta
Business League, the At-
lanta) Chamber of Com-
merce, the Atlanta Univer-
sity School of Business, the
National Alliance of Busi-
nessmen, the National As-
sociation for the Advance-
ment of Colored People, the
Smal! Business Administra-
tion and the Urban League.

“The primary goal of the
workshop is to involve Ate
lanta Negroes who are in-
terested in becoming owner=
managers of businesses in
Atlanta, We hope that this
combined community effort
will offer a quantum jump
to Atlanta black business
entrepreneurs and streng-
then on going efforts of the
Atlanta Business League’s
Project Outreach, the Small
Business Administration,
and Atlanta University’s
Business Economic De-
velopment and Business
Service Center’' stated
CRC‘S executive director
Nat Welch.

The planning committee
has identified nine likely
break-thru areas for black
business opportunities,,fast
food franchises, auto deal-
erships, service station,
building contracting, ice
cream outlets, franchised
dry cleaning stores, coin
operated laundries, drug

THE VOICE - January 26, 1969-Page 2

Black Business Workshop, February 20

stores, and specialty auto
stores selling such items
as tires and mufflers,

If you are interested
in becoming an owner/
manager of any type of
business and want to
participate in this
workshop, call Benny
T. Smith, field repre-
sentative, Community
Relations Commission,
Room 1203, City Hall,
‘phone number 522-4463
extension 433, who isin
charge of community
Participation for this
important affair,

“The workshop will have
a heavy emphasis on fran-
chised operations because
these are geared to family
involvement, Good fran-
chises offer proven manage-
ment assistance and for-
mulas for successful opera-
tion®’, stated Nat Welch,

Some three dozen national
franchise operations are be=
ing invited to have top
management representa-
tion, The afternoon session
will feature ‘‘Fifty Great
Business Opportunities’
and will provide a two and
a half hour period for the
franchisor and the franchi-
see to have individual dis-
cussions with the hopes that
new businesses will be
birthed as a result of this
workshop, explained CRC’s
executive director,

The morning session will
have a panel discussion on
“Do’s and Don'ts in Launch=
ing New Business Ventures”

by five seccessful Atlanta
black entrepreneurs and in-
dividual] panel discussions in
the nine areas of business
break=thrus being empha-
sized at the workshop.

The afternoon session will
have two additional panels,
One will be on “On Going
Programs of Technical Aid”
in which presentations will
be made by the Small Busi-
ness Administration, Pro-
ject Outreach, and Atlanta
University’s Business Eco-
nomic Development and
Business Service Center,
The other will be a banker
round table with Atlanta
bankers discussing oppor-
tunities envisioned, how
bankers can help and what
bankers look for in a loan


The banquet session, to
be held at Paschal’s Motor
Hotel,’ will climax with an
address by a nationally-
known black business lea=

The planning committee
for the workshop includes;
Frank O'Neal of the Atlanta
Business League; Dean
Harding Young ofthe Atlanta
University School of
Business; Lyndon Wade of
the Atlanta Urban League;
Curtise Driskell of the Ate
lanta Chamber of com-
merce; Henry Reid of NAB,
Lonnie King of the NAACP;
John P. Latimer of SBA
and Nat Welch and Chuck
Williams of CRC,

THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, Thursday, Jan. 23. 1969

CRC Plans
For Blacks

The Community Relations
Commission announced plans
Wednesday for its black entre-
preneurship workshop to be held
Feb, 20 at Atlanta University's
School of Business.

The Workshop on Black Busi-
ness Opportunities will be co-
sponsored by the Atlanta Cham-
ber of Commerce, the local
chapter of the National Associa-
iion for the Advancement of Col-
ored People, the Atlanta Busi-
ness League, the Atlanta Uni-
versity School of Business, the
Urban League and the Small
Business Adminisiralion.


“The primary goal of the
workshop is to involve Atlanta
Negroes who are interested in
becoming owner-managers or
businesses in Atlanta,” said
CRC executive director Nal

The workshop will feature
nine “likely breakthrough areas
for black business opportuni-
ties’"’—fast-food franchises, auto
dealerships, service stations,
building contracting, ice cream
outlets, franchised dry cleaning
stores, coin-operated laundries,
drug stores and specially auto


Aboul three dozen national
franchise operations are being
inviled to have top management
representation. The afternoon
session will feature “Fifty Great
Business Opportunities,” Welch
said. Vechnical aid programs
and a rutiind-table discussion by
Atlanta bankers also will occur
in the afternoon.

The morning session will have
a panel discussion on “Do's and
Don'ts in Launching New Busi-
ness Ventures’ by five success-
ful Atlanta black entrepreneurs
plus individual panel discussions
in the nine breakthrough areas

A dinner session at Paschal’s
Motor Hotel will end the work-
shop willl a speech by a ye'l-to-
be-announced nationally-known
black business leader. In addi-
tion. five black entrepreneurs
for 1967 will be given special
recognition by the CRC


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