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Examples of Current Housing Interests in Atlanta

August 7, 1969

1, Dale Shapiro
Urban Systems Research and Engineering, Inc.
_ 20 State Street : :
Boston, Massachusetts

This organization is following up on recommendations contained in the
Kaiser report pertaining to certain tentative ‘locations listed in the Model Cities
area, This firm is interested primarily in obtaining sites through Public bodies
for low-rise housing development and would like to obtain a suitable site in
Atlanta Model Cities area,

2. Miss Marion Morris and Mr. Robert J. Corietta
Field Operations
Modular Building Program
Urban Systems Development Corporation (USDC)
Crystal Plaza Building 1
2001 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22202

This firm is interested in obtaining a suitable Industrial site (about 10
acres) in Atlanta for erection of a modular housing plant; also interested in
obtaining apartment zoned land for erection of town-houses; also single family.
This firm is understood to be a subsidary of Westinghouse,

3. Alan L. Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer
National Housing Council
Suite 403, Plaza One Building
One Main Plaza East
‘Norfolk, Virginia 23510

; See attached news article, from the Times Herald, Newport News,
Virginia, July 22, 1969. Mr. Hoffman has informed me that his Group has a
commitment to HUD to produce 25,000 housing units and frankly admitted that
they are looking for cities which will cooperate with them in making suitable
sites available, obtaining appropriate zonings and reasonable cooperation on
Codes. They are interested primarily in apartments both low and high-rise.
He reports little enthusiasm or encouragement from the Housing Authority,


4, Mr. Ray Watt, President
National Housing Partnership Corporation
Washington, D. C,
Tel. Area Code 202 - 638-6840; and

Mr. Philip N. Brownstein

Parsons, Tennent and Zeidman

Attorneys and Counselors

Suite 900, 1025 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D. C. 20036

This organization was authorized by the 1968 Housing Act and is just now
getting organized for business. This corporation expects to have firm commit-
ments by October this year of $50, 000, 000 which it proposes to invest, in
partnership with substantial local building interests, in major cities (including
Atlanta) for low and moderate income housing developments, including the
Rent Supplement program,

5. Breakthrough - A HUD sponsored and subsidized prototype project,

- This project proposes selection of at least one prototype housing site
in each Region of HUD (possibly 2 sites in 2 of the Regions) and is designed to
create a working partnership of Federal, State and local governments, labor,
industry, the financial community, home builders and consumers,

Proposals for participation in the program may be made by local city
officials, housing authorities or sponsored by private developers or financial
institutions, but must be endorsed and supported by the appropriate elected
' officials - Governor, Mayor or County Commissioners. Applications must be
submitted to HUD by September 19 and require quite involved administrative
details. Suitable sites must be made available, (5-30 acres to accomodate up
to 100 units), agreement to place under Federal control and management,
make necessary adjustments in codes and arrangements made for eventual dis-
position of the tract and prototype housing.

In view of Atlanta's widely publicized leadership in the low and moderate
income field, it would appear desirable for the City to make application
(perhaps through the Housing Authority) for one of these Regional Prototype sites.

6. Jim Holec International
Pharr Road in Buckhead
Tel. 237-2340

This gentleman claims to represent both United States and European
money interests. He has control of the Seventh Day Adventists tract on Kimberly
Road, already zoned for apartments, and which he would like to develop for ©
Public Housing, but reports little cooperation or interest from the Housing
Authority. He claims he has committed $7, 000, 000 in the last 3-4 months and
still has $5,000,000 to commit, which he would like to put in housing projects
in Atlanta. His firm has recent substantial developments in Beria, Kentucky;
Bambridge, Connecticut and in the Congo,
7. Mr. Nicholas Berryman
Adams-Cates Company, Realtors

Has a 2l acre site, zoned A-1l; off South Expressway just south of the
Vocational School which he applied to the Housing Authority last May for
commitment for Public Housing. He claims that the Housing Authority has
shown little or no interest and only about 3 weeks ago asked the Planning
Department for an opinion and availability of City Services. July 29, Mr.
Berryman requested assistance of this office in getting a reply to the Housing:
authority from the Planning Department.

Alse, Mr. Berryman is involved in the annexation to the City of the
site West of Kimberly Road, opposite the Seventh Day Adventists' property,
and has applied to the Housing Authority for commitments for Public Housing.
This property is zoned Apartments, Residential and small amount of ©
Commercial. The prospective developers do not propose to ask for rezoning,
but are willing to develop as is, and furthermore to build a pumping station
at their expense and dedicate it to the City, to lift the sewage over Kimberly
Road to existing out fall sewer; or to contribute $100. 00 per unit to the City
to help pay for sewer facilities.

8. Mr. W. L. Moore, Attorney and Builder
Rhodes-Haverty Building
Atlanta, Georgia
Tel. 523-0595

Has applied to the Housing Authority for commitment for about 500
Public Housing units on a 57 acre tract he controlls south of Cascade on
Harbin Road, which tract is already zoned for Apartments.

9. The Atlanta J. C.'s (Mr. Bill Ogan Tel. 521-1971)

This local organization is currently seriously trying to obtain a suitable
tract of land on which to relocated some 320, or portion thereof, single-family
houses now on the J, P, Stevens and Company property, which are available
for relocation and rehabilitating under FHA programs. These houses are
basically sound, range from 1 bedroom “te 4 bedrooms and can be obtained
from the J. P. Stevens and Company for practically nothing.

10. Mr. Gaston J. Greil, Senior Vice-President
Algerman Blair, Inc., Contractor
P.O. Box 749
Montgomery, Alabama 36102
Tel. 205 - 263-1616

This gentleman is interested primarily in obtaining apartment zoned land
that will be politically acceptable to the City on which to build Federally assisted
low and moderate income housing.

‘ll. Mr. Clinton E, Jones, Field Engineer
Georgia-South Carolina District

Portland Cement Association
Tel. 404 - 688-4376; and

Mr. Jim Forrest, President
Corewall Corporation

P.O. Box 16

McDonough, Georgia 30253
Tel, 957-5626

These people are interested in building a factory in Atlanta for production
of precast concrete modules; and in construction of experimented housing units,
preferably in the Model Cities area, using this method.

12. Mr. Stanley Ashley and
Mr. Richard Bell
Pope and Carter Company, Inc.
John Hancock Building
Tel. 522-9491

This local firm has an exclusive on a 33, 6 acre tract at the intersection
of Carroll Road and Harvill Road, N.W., which they are offering for sale. This
property is adjacent to a recently acquired elementary school site, has access
to sewer and lies beautifully. It's current zoning is M-1 (the extent of which is
for in excess of industrial use needs in this general area in the foreseeable

This property is in a racially mixed area, and would provide an ideal

location for a prototype housing site under operation breakthrough, which
development should have a strong influence on stabilizing this area.

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