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August 5, 1969

Subject: Operation Breakthrough


This is a HUD sponsored housing project designed to create a working
partnership of Federal, State and local governments, labor, industry, the
financial community, home builders and consumers,

. One prototype site is to be selected in each HUD Region (possibly two
in two Regions).

Prototype sites may be proposed by State, County or City Officials,
housing authorities, private developers or financial institutions. However,
proposals must be endorsed and supported by appropriate elected officials.

Proposals (involving considerable detail) must be submitted to HUD,
Washington, D. C., by September 19, 1969.

Design and development contracts will be awarded to those submitting
‘the best and most promising proposals.

Developments are to be planned and managed by HUD and will include
mixed type housing for use by mixed economic levels and with racial integration.

Sites may vary from 5-30 acres, with expectation of development of —
up fs 100 units.

The following are seme of the more pertinent requirements:

a. Willingness to adjust codes as necessary and to accept building

and land use concepts developed in Operation Breakthrough,

b, That necessary services and facilities are available or readily


Cs Arrangements for bringing the land under federal control and

d. Overall site planning will be performed by a planning organization

selected by HUD.

e. Arrangements for eventual disposition of the tract and prototype
housing after prototype period,

fi Considerable detailed specific data is required to be submitted
with the proposal.

Particular advantages to cities and programs available to be used in support

of the Breakthrough are shown in attached. (Enclosures 1] and 2.)


It appears that this is perhaps the best means of obtaining local
demonstration of housing innovations, techniques, materials, methods of construction
and experimentation in overcoming unnecessary code restraints.

If Atlanta could be selected as one of the prototype sites, it would serve
to keep the City in its already respected position of leadership in the housing field.
It would be deby appropriate ada helpful if ane of the labiding banks 3 |
Building and Loan Associations in Atlanta would sponsor this program and file
application for a Regional Baotetype site. However, in view of the short time
available for filing application and the many innovative approaches involved in the

project, it will probably be more practical for it to be undertaken by an existing

public organization, such as the Housing Authority.

That the Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta be requested to select
a suitable site and submit an application for a Regional Prototype Site Under

Operation Breakthrough,

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