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Industrial Development Division

11324 ‘VV. Peachtreo Street
Atlanta, Goorgia 30300

873-8951 Area Code 204 September 30, 1969

Mr. Cecil Alexander, Chairman
Housing Resources Committee
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mr. Alexander:

At its last meeting on September 24 the panel adopted the following plan
for its activities between October and January. The plan is based on the as-
sumption that the winner of the mayoralty election will want to continue Mayor
Allen's work to improve housing in the city. Wherever possible the plan in-
cludes only short term goals which are close to realization because the possi-
bility exists that the committee will not continue. It will be manifestly
unfair to raise the hopes of clients and then be unable to complete the work
which was started.

Codes and Code Restrictions

The study of specific points in existing codes should continue. Mr. Thomas
Gibson, an Urban Corps intern, completed a brief survey of the contents of the
codes during the summer. His report has been transmitted to the chairman. In
the opinion of this panel, his findings are typical of the problems which the
codes present to small builders in Atlanta. The panel recommends that his re-
port be accepted by the HRC and transmitted to Mr. Wofford for action. The
panel is aware that Mr. Gibson was not a technical specialist in codes, but his
findings are based on a literal reading of the codes, something which must be
done if the codes are to be interpreted individually by each building inspector.

The Atlanta Housing Authority is planning the purchase and installation of
240 mobile homes which will have been manufactured in compliance with the city
codes. The use of these units represents a major departure for the city and one
that may signal a breakthrough in the acceptance of modular construction. The
panel plans to monitor the use of these mobile homes.

The Plumbing Advisory Board has agreed to a trial of pbastic piping in drain,
waste and vent applications in a single family home in the city. The panel is
interested in observing the reaction of the public to the progressive action of
the Plumbing Advisory Board. It wishes to commend the board for being receptive
to technical advances. It also reminds the users of this innovation that it is

-ineumbent upon them to establish the consumer acceptance of this product now
that-the board has taken action to make its use acceptable.

Enel, 2
Mr. Cecil Alexander
Page 2
September 30, 1969

New Methods and Materials for Construction

The panel wishes to recognize the efforts of Urban East particularly those
of Mr. Edward Benson and the volunteer staff from the various city, county and
state agencies which made it possible for the city to prepare a proposal under
Operation Breakthrough. The panel is also aware of two private proposals Which’
offer. interesting possibilities for the design and construction of housing in
the city if they are funded by HUD. The panel plans to remain abreast of Oper-
ation Breakthrough and advise the city- of ways in which it can benefit from that
program. . ens

Housing in the Model Cities

The panel notes with approval the decision of Mr. Johnson to limit further
studies of area problems and emphasize the construction of housing within the
funding now available. After conversation with local home builders, the panel
has determined that relatively little residential building is underway in the
city. This means that the construction capabilities of these contractors are
available for use in the Model Cities. Conversely, most of the construction is
in apartment houses which require other skills. Therefore, the panel recommends
that the Model Cities staff concentrate on getting individual town house, patio
house and low rise construction started in the near future while contracting
coripanies are open for competitive bidding to ensure fair use of the available

The panel remains interested in the early implementation of the armature
study as a means of controlling the expenditure of available funds. However, the
erection of homes should not be deferred until completion of this study. It is
regretable that funding was not available at an earlier date but it is imperative
that the study be completed as soon as possible, even though it is during the
erection of some units recommended by the Eric Hill study. If its services are
needed, the panel will assist the Model Cities in the selection of designs or
construction methods suitable for the area.

In summary, the panel recommends that the work of the Housing Resources
Committee be continued by the next administration. A proposed letter for Mayor’
Allen to deliver to his successor on this point is attached. In the interim
between election and the completion of Mayor Allen's term, the committee should
reappraise its charges and recommend those to be considered for continuation under
the new mayor.

Chairmen, For the Panel


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