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Cctober 8, 1969

The Honorable George Romney
Secretary of the United State Department

of Housing and Urban Development
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

On October 8, 1969, at request of this Committee, a presentation was
made to the Committee by a representative of the Housing Authority of the City
of Atlanta (the City's Agent for carrying out the Urban Renewal Program) on
proposed activities for 1770 in the City's Neighborhood Development Program.
Copy of summary is attached (Encl. 1).

This proposed program includes rather extensive activities in the
five existing NDP areas and also minimum acquisition in three additional arcas.
Two of these, i,e., Lightning and Plunkettown are very depressed residential
areas, which this Committee has been strongly promoting for acquisition
commencing in 1370, in order to rid the City of these specific pockets of very
dilapidated residential slums.

The City has made a major effort in developing this proposed program
and is prepared to meet the local share of the Net Project Cost, as indicated in
the attached.

However, letter recently received from Region III of HUD (copy
attached) indicates a drastic cut back in the anticipated Federal capital grant
funds with which to finance the Federal share of Atlanta's proposed Neighborhood
Development Program for 1970. This would mean a severe blow to Atlanta's
1970 NDP program and great disappointment to the Project Area Committees
(PACs) and other citizens of the aveas involved, with whom the Housing Authority,
the City Planning Department and this Committee have been working closely for
so long. A drastic cut back now in proposed activities would be disastrous to
morale and neighborhood aspirations.


Brel. 3
The Honorable George Romney

October 8, 1969
Page 2

Atlanta has previously established an enviable reputation for Urban
Renewal and NDP accomplishment and can be depended upon to continue to do a
cxeditable job in this respect,

The Housing Resources Committee itself was created by Mayor Allen
in November 1966 to promote, coordinate and expedite the City's low and moderate
income housing program. To date it has accomplished creditable results, as
evidenced by the attached Summary - Status of Accelerated Low-Income Housing
Program (Encl. 2).

Therefore on behalf of, and in accordance with formal unanimous
action by the Executive Group, Housing Resources Committee, Iurge that every
consideration be given by your office to maintaining Federal capital grant funds
to be allocated to Atlanta in support of the 1970 NDP program at or as near as
possible to the proposed Net Project Cost of the 27.4 million dollara.


Cecil A, Alexander, Chairman
Housing Resources Committee


Encle: 1, Summary, Atlanta's Proposed Neighborhood
Development Program for 1970.
Z2. Summary - Status of Accelerated Low-Income
Housing Program.

cc: Mr. Edward H. Baxter
Regional Administrator
Region UI, HUD i


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