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August 6, 1969

MEMO TQ: TCC Members



Clayton County

Clayton Municipalities
Cobb County

Cobb Municipalities
DeKalb County

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Gwinnett County
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Atlanta Transit System

State Highway Department

FROM: Jerry A. Coursey







Collier Gladin

Tom Hawkins

William E. Bennett
Joe Sims

Don White

Arthur A. Mendonsa
Robert Roseveare
Turner McDonald
Clarence Higginbotham
Bill Fortune

Bill Nix

Earl Nelson

Leland S. Veal

J. D. Wingfield, Jr.

Transportation Planning Geurdindter


Review of “Atlanta Area Transportation Study Recommend-

ed Regional Highway Plan"

Enclosed is a copy of the "Atlanta Area Transportation Study
Recommended Regional Highway Plan," drafted by the State Highway

Department, showing:


Existing freeways.

Freeways proposed for construction by 1983.

Freeways proposed for right-of-way acquisition by 1983.
Arterial streets (existing and/or proposed for im-

provement or construction by 1983).

5. Collector streets

(existing and/or proposed for im-

provement or construction by 1983).

TELEPHONE 522 - 7577
As you recall, the AATS consultant primarily focused his attention
on the evaluation of freeway and express transit alternatives in
developing his recommended plan. In the Summary of Highlights-
Recommended Transportation Program, the consultant says "The
arterial and collector street system included in the highway
recommendations is fundamentally that developed by the AATS

staff following analysis of earlier forecasts of highway travel
and review with area planning and traffic engineering staffs.

This system represents a general plan indicating the approximate
locations and scope of the arterial-collector system. It will
require further study and refinement as the final freeway and
transit routes are determined and as future development occurs.
The traffic operations study procedures advocated by the U. S.
Department of Transportation (TOPICS) will be useful in this work.
A development and improvement program of major proportions is
required and it will require a major financial undertaking."

You are asked to review the enclosed map with two separate and
distinct objectives:

FIRST: The arterial and collector system is intended
to be essentially the same as that contained in Test
Network 803 which was developed jointly by the AATS
staff and the TCC members during 1967. Each county's
TCC member or alternate has a color-coded copy of
Network 803 showing the arterial and collector system.

You are requested to carefully compare the enclosed map
with this earlier version (803) to identify copying
errors. The first objective is to produce a correct
copy of the recommended plan. Please notify me of any
errors prior to August 15 so that I can assemble the
comments and transmit them to the State Highway De-
partment for correction of the original.

SECOND: You are asked to again review the map (as
corrected) to identify any surface streets which might
warrant revision either in functional classification
(higher or lower) or number of lanes (more or less).

As you know as part of a new consultant contract, it

is intended that the final recommended plan soon

receive traffic forecasts for design purposes. The

AATS staff would again like the benefit of your advice
in its review of the arterial and collector system prior
to use by the consultant in this final phase of the
current AATS work program. The AATS staff intends that
the recommended plan should reflect the local governments'
plans to the maximum extent possible, consistent with
overall AATS regional system planning criteria. The
second objective of this review is to provide the AATS
staff and consultant with current local technical staff
suggestions about possible arterial and collector re-
visions in the recommended AATS plan. Please notify

me by mail before September 9 of any Suggested changes,
including appropriate supporting technical materials,

so that I can consolidate your technical comments for
review by the AATS staff and consultant. These comments
should be separate and distinct from the previously
discussed "corrections."

TCC members representing municipalities are reminded that they
should consult appropriate technical staff persons in each city
within their county in carrying out these reviews. Each TCC
member is expected to consult all appropriate staff persons
within his agency.

As you know, the Policy Committee recently authorized a TOPICS
study for metropolitan Atlanta (Traffic Operations Program for
Increasing Capacity and Safety). The TCC's TOPICS Subcommittee
is actively engaged in developing a proposed planning program,
State Highway Department TOPICS guidelines indicate that the
approved AATS highway plan will form the basis for the TOPICS
study system. This State Highway Department policy adds urgency
to the need to reach final technical and policy level agreement
on the recommended transportation plan.


cc: Policy Committee Members
TCC Alternate Members


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