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12:00 News
July 2, 1969


When a Decatur housewife - not mine, incidentally -
heard that. Richard fich had ecapped-down-an MARTA.
chairman, she said, "That's Séod I'm tiring of hearin
our neighbors say he only wants rapid transit so people
can get downtown to his store."

That criticism was unjustified by logic - because the
tougher it is to get down town, the more Rich will sell
in suburban stores.

Moreover, those who worked with him know him as a
public spirited man who wants what's best for Atlanta.
Still, the complaint was heard frequently - and it was
one more albatross hovering over last Hovenbder a! etnies
of rapid transit.

Another person who watched MARTA in action - if that is
the proper word for it - said, "Mr. Rich is an intelli-
gent, forceful man —- perhaps too forceful and authori-
tarian. He ran the board like he was running an effi-
cient store. But there were many volunteers, and
volunteers don't always jump like paid employees."
That same force and authority, however, was necessary
to bring together and hold together a METRO group -
different people with different ideas and different
interests. Richard Rich held them because of who he is

and what he is.
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The Board will elect a permanent chairman to take Rich's
place. But Mayor Allen will name a person to fill his
seat on the board. :

When he's looking around, the ever is not likely to
forget the opposition to MARTA from the Negro community.
MARTA tried to counter that by hiring a Negro staff
member late in the game. It was too late. He was the
last hired and the first fired after the election.

Rich is quoted as saying he believes a younger man ought
to head the authority - one who has the patience to wait
for things to happen and see them through.

Young? Maybe. Patient? Please, not while we're stalle

on the expressway - cooling in a steel pot on a concrete



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