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NOVEMBER 4, 1969


Sanford S. Atwood (DeKalb County)
Roy A. Blount (DeKalb County)

M. C. Bishop (Fulton County)

S. Truett Cathy (Clayton County)
Rawson Haverty (City of Atlanta)
Allen S. Hardin (Fulton County)
K. A. McMillon (Gwinnett County)
Le. D. Milton (City of Atlanta)

John C. Wilson (City of Atlanta)

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

H. Le. Stuart, General Manager

E. We. Nelson, Chief Engineer

King Elliott, Public Information Director

H. N. Johnson, Administrative Assistant and
Assistant Secretary


J. A. Coil, PBTB, Atlanta
W. O. Salter, PBTB, San Francisco
W. Stell Huie, Counsel


Jan Richey, City of Atlanta Planning Department
William H. Parr, Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Edgar E. Schukraft, Southwest Atlanta Association, Inc.
Newsmen - WAGA-TV
Newsmen — WSB-Radio

Dick Miles, Atlanta Constitution

Bill Collins, Atlanta Journal

Si «
The meeting was called to order by Mr. Roy A. Blount,
Acting Chairman.


Minutes of the October 7th meeting had been mailec: prior to
the meeting and were unanimously approved upon a motion by Mr.
Bishop, seconded by Mr. Hardin.


The Financial Report as of October 29, 1969, presented by
Mr. Stuart, showed appropriations received from the participating
governments for the fourth quarter with the exception of Fulton
and Gwinnett Counties. Mr. Stuart pointed out that since prepara-—
tion of the statement, Fulton County's fourth payment had been
received, leaving Gwinnett County in arrears for the third and
fourth quarters. Staff and administrative costs continued to
run within the budget.

Upon motion by Mr. Bishop, seconded by Mr. Hardin, the
financial statement was unanimously approved and is attached and
made a part of these Minutes,

Mr. Stuart stated that Mr. Hardin had suggested that the
monthly financial statement would be more informative if the
budget column were pro-rated and if it included a new column for
the same period last year. Mr. Hardin's suggestions had been
referred to the Finance Committee, and Mr. Stuart was directed
to set up an additional meeting between the Finance Committee,
Counsel, Accountant and Auditor for MARTA, sometime during
December to discuss the matter further and report back to the
Board by the first of the year.

Mr. Blount stated that it would be necessary to approve
the proposed 1970 budget during December. It had already been
submitted to the Local Governments and favorable comments had
been received from them.

Mr. Blount further stated that due to changes in the City
government as a result of the recent election that the new budget
should be submitted to the newly elected Mayor, Vice-Mayor,
Aldermen, and to any others concerned. Upon motion by Mr.
Haverty, seconded by Mr. McMillon, it was unanimously agreed
that a meeting should be arranged by the General Manager with
tie new officials to apprise them of the proposed 1970 budget
and work program.

Mr. Stuart reported on a meeting in Atlanta on October 23rd

with Mr. Jerome C. Premo of the Urban Mass Transportation Adminis-~—
tration, Washington, D. C., at which meeting representatives of

s #2
of the Highway Department, Federal Highway Administration, U. S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development, Atlanta Transit
System, Metropolitan Planning Commission, City of Atlanta, Central
Atlanta Progress, Inc., Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc., and

- Other transportation and planning agencies were in attendance.
Purpose of the meeting was to discuss MARTA's new federal applica-
tion, as well as applications filed by the City of Atlanta and
Central Atlanta Progress, Inc., and by Economic Opportunity
Atlanta, Inc.

It was pointed out that Federal agencies are concerned about
overlapping work items in the above applications, as well as that
of the TOPICS (Traffic Operations Program to Increase Capacity
and Safety) Study that is soon to be initiated by a consultant
for the State Highway Department. It was noted that these studies
should be coordinated with each other in order to avoid any dupli-
cation of work. Work schedules would be submitted to the Federal
agencies with an explanation of how these various programs will
be coordinated and tied in.

Two charts were presented by Mr. Stuart, the first of which
showed the work schedule for conducting an East-West Busway
feasibility study. Planning projections for this study would be
furnished by ARMPC and the remainder of the work would be under-
taken jointly by Parsons Brinckerhoff-Tudor-—Bechtel and Alan M.
Voorhees and Associates. The work would take about nine months
but it is hopeful that early conclusions can be reached before
that time period. Work items l, 2, 3 and 4 of the MARTA applica-
tion are involved in this evaluation study.

The second chart presented reflected MARTA'ts total work
program and it showed coordination with the Central Area Study
being sponsored by the City of Atlanta and Central Atlanta Pro-
gress, and the work of Economic Opportunity Atlanta, Inc. This
would be a two-year program with the approximate starting date
being January 1, 1970, broken down into two phases with Phase I
being the work programmed for 1970 and Phase II the remaining

Upon completion of Mr. Stuart's presentation a copy of
each chart was furnished the Members with the request that they
be studied, followed by any questions the Board might have.

The General Manager stated that a written monthly progress
report would be required in order to keep all agencies fully
informed of developments throughout the work program. It was
pointed out that all work elements reflected on the charts were
contained in the new federal application being submitted to DOT
with the exception of the planning projections which were being
prepared by ARMPC and would be incorporated in the appropriate
section of the application when received.
Mr. Stuart expressed hope that a new approach to transit,
new amendments that would be required, and a sound financial
plan would be ready to present to the General Assembly during

Mr. Stuart also mentioned that Economic Opportunity
Atlanta, Inc. had filed their application directly with the
U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, but HUD
preferred to have it filed through MARTA with the Transit
Authority being the Administrative Agency and responsible for
the work. It would not cost the Transit Authority any funds
except for the occasional staff time that would be required to
review and administer the work. Mr. Stuart had agreed to this
arrangement and planned to meet with EOA officials in the near


Mr. Elliott reported that public information activities
were being accelerated as requested at the October Board Meet-
ing. Contacts had been made with Editors of the Atlanta Journal
and Constitution, and with News Directors of local radio and
television stations. Information had been supplied for a special
edition of the Atlanta Journal, and WRNG Radio had agreed to
provide a one-hour program when the MARTA program is defined.

A re-cap of the MARTA program had been drafted and will be put
into final form when the program is firmed up. The re-cap will
serve as the framework for more detailed informational efforts.

Mr. Blount adjourned the meeting at 3:45 P.M.

December 2, 1969 — 3:00 P.M.


Assistant Secretary.


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