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The Urban Coalition / Federal Bar Building West | 1819 H Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. | 20006

Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiske/l / A. Philip Randolph

November 10, 1967


Task force working committee met November 3 in Washington. Pro-
gram development papers in three areas are being prepared:

1) an analysis of government investment policies and
how they affect open housing,

2) the experiences of existing fair housing groups
and what additional target groups should be involved,

3) a survey to identify suburban areas where it would
make sense to activate a program for building low
income housing on an open occupancy basis in connection
with the Insurance Committee's urban program.

Working committee will meet again on November 27.

The Communications Task Force plans to sponsor a report luncheon
for information officers of members of the Steering Committee on
December 7th in New York City.

A planning group will be called together shortly by Urban America
to discuss the proposals for the Advertising Council campaign.


Task Force on Educational Disparities has scheduled a two-day
working session in January. Specific program ideas and program
participants will be discussed at the next Task Force meeting
in December.

Task force met in New York on November 7 to define its goals and
suggest additional members. A review of current efforts to deal

Nationa! Coordinators John Feild | Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293-7530
with educational disparities is now being prepared and will be
reviewed at the next meeting.


Plans for the Western Regional Conference on "Mobilizing Urban
Coalitions" are proceeding rapidly. The conference will be
held in San Francisco on November 30 at The Hilton Hotel and
more than 50 cities from west of the Mississippi River are ex-
pected to participate.

_ Speakers so far include Mayors Frank Curran of San Diego and
Floyd Hyde of Fresno, David Sullivan of the Coalition's national
Steering Committee, and Jesse P. Unruh, Speaker of the California
State Assembly.

The Eastern Regional Conference will take place December 11 in
New York. Proceedings of the Chicago conference will be ready
next week.


Task force working committee met November 8th in Washington to
complete plans for three regional meetings on private employment
to be held in Atlanta, Phoenix and Kansas City.

Task force co-chairman Gerald L. Phillippe will keynote a
Baltimore meeting on expanding opportunities for Negro entrepre-
neurship on November 14. The meeting is sponsored by the Task
Force on Private Employment and Entrepreneurship in cooperation
with the Baltimore Committee on Equal Business Opportunity.

Key Baltimore area businessmen have been invited to attend the
Baltimore luncheon meeting, which is being hosted by Mayor
Theodore R. McKeldin, Council President and Mayor-Elect Thomas
d'Alesandro; James Rouse, president of the Rouse Company;
Arthur Foster, division manager for the Western Electric
Corporation and Councilman Henry G. Parks.

A second city program meeting with leading employers will be
held in Detroit on November 21, in cooperation with the New
Detroit Committee.


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