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behind the news

National Economic Council, Inc.
230 Park Avenue
New York, N. Y. 10017

August, 1969
No. 4


TWENT Y—FIVE BANKERS — the largest in the nation
Secretary David M. Kennedy on July 27.

However, no promises were made, and small businessmen
have begun to worry since nce last month’s 84% historic in-
crease on lending interest.

~ Chairman Wright Patman (D.,Texas) of the House Bank-
ing Committee, called on Nixon to decide whether the
Secretary should be removed from office. He said:

“The Secretary had the 25 largest bankers in the room for
2% hours and he could not bring himself to speak up for
the American public and ask for a roll back in interest rates.
In my opinion, the Secretary has abdicated his office.’

William McChesney Martin attended the meeting, and was
reported as smiling ae the meeting ... But Wright

~ Patman introduced a ai fi R. 27) Which may destroy the
Central Banking System which has looted the world, and
made | perpetual debtors of all Americans — the most pro-
ductive people since time began.

still paying interest,

Patman pointed out that this should be subtracted from
the national debt.

If the Federal Reserve System breaks up and Congress
regains its Constitutional right to mint money, the United
States would fast become financially solvent.

An organization of international money-lenders and users,
who fave usurped the right of the American people to coin
their own money, and have made the American people
pay for it, now have been caught charging the American
people fora debt that has already been Bat

to destroy the new bill. That will be a small rice to pay for

their hold over this country.


NEW LEFT LEADER David Dellinger’s representing the
United States of America in prisoner negotiation with the
North Vietnamese in Paris, has shocked Americans, and
utterly shaken members’ of Congress faith in Secretary of
State, William P. Rogers.

Members of the House Committee on Internal Security,
under the prodding of Representative Albert Watson (R., S.
C.), demanded ‘‘an explanation of this sordid and unbeliev-
able episode”.

Representative Watson wrote to Rogers: ‘As a member of
the House Committee on Internal Security, | have had an
opportunity to question Dellinger at length...He is
dedicated to the overthrow of the United States Govern-
ment ...By his own admission, the radical brand of com-
munism is appealing to him. To even entertain the idea of
allowing David Dellinger to in any way, officially or un-
officially, represent the United States is one of the most
preposterous schemes \'ve heard in my over twenty years of
public service.”

Dellinger was under indictment for his criminal acts in
inciting a riot, violation of Title 18, Section 2101 of the
United States Code, at the time he represented the United


States, according to the Jewish Times.

Boris Smolar, a columnist in the Times, noted that many
white Christians and Negroes openly and strongly are anti-

“It (anti-semitism) is beginning to show signs of becoming
an acceptable subject after falling into disrepute for more
than a quarter of a century”, he said.

The National Jewish Community Relations Advisory
Council blamed the new open feeling against Jews on Arab
propaganda in this country.

The N.C.R.A.C. predicted the expansion of this anti-
Jewish propaganda in “every sphere of American public
life, including campuses, churches, church organizations,
the mass media and public forums”.

According to the NEC’s study on this problem we have
found only one Arab organization which puts out much
anti-Jewish propaganda, and that is only on the Israeli
question. This organization is the Arab Palestine Delegation
to the U.N.

According to our study the growing anti-semitic feeling
has several causes:

(1) Israeli aggression against the Arabs. /n spite of massive

propaganda by the powerful Jewish- owned press 3s and tele-

vision for Israel’s seizure of Arab lands, Americans feel that
Israel under the protection of the U.S. has been a war-
monger of the worst type, and that American Jews are
aiding and abetting what As even against the best interests
of the the United States.

(2) Many liberal and left- wing groups such as The Anti-
Defamation League, Civil Liberties Union, Lawyers Guild,
League for Industrial Democracy, American League for
Peace and Democracy, American Committee for Protection
of Foreign Born, American Peace Crusade, Americans for

Democratic Action are composed largely of Jews.
Revolutionary groups of the New Left as S.D.S. are re-
ported to be one-half to two-thirds Jewish. The average
American feels that many of these organizations are led by
(3) Jewish owned newspapers, magazines, T.V., and movies,
and Jewish writers, book authors, and motion picture pro-
ducers, often support or are identified with pornography.
(4) Jewish insistence in many cities and towns on abolishing
Christian traditions in schools and public places. These
predominantly Christian towns resent being forced to aban-
don the Christmas tree, the singing of Carols and prayer in
the schools.
(5) Forcing of membership for Jews by political pressure on
hitherto private clubs.
(6) Political harassment by the Anti-Defamation League
etc., of conservative organizations who are not anti-Jewish,
but simply patriotic. Also political pressure keeps these
groups from gaining tax exemption, and further harasses
their donors. About 80% of all Americans are conservative.


SENATOR JACOB JAVITS led the way “‘n giving aid and

On eighteen anti-communist bills, Javits voted 18' times
for the communists.

Some of these bills are: Giving the President discretionary
authority to give aid to communist countries, other than
the Soviet Union, even if they export arms and strategic
weapons to the Soviet Union and Red China. (Voted Yes);
materials to communist countries. (No); Permitting the
President to give or sell surplus food to communist coun-

ials with = communist block (No); Amendment authoriz-
ing the President to allow aid to communist countries at his
discretion. (Yes);

To delay date of ratification of the NUCLEAR TEST
BAN TREATY until it was revised to provide for adequate
on-site inspection (No); That Soviet Consular Treaty not
take effect until Soviet aid to North Vietnam cease (No).

Full immunity from criminal prosecution for Soviet and
U.S. personnel assigned to future consulates, and to author-
ize the establishment of such consulates (Yes); Soviet Space
Treaty: Treaty banning the use of outer space for military
purposes, but not providing for inspection to insure Soviet
compliance (Yes);

Twenty-three other senators having almost the same vot-
ing record are: Sparkman of Alabama; Inouye of Hawaii;
Ribicoff of Connecticut; Muskie of Maine; Hart of Mich-
igan; Griffin of Michigan; McCarthy of Minnesota; Mondale
of Minnesota (late comer); Metcalf of Montana; Case of
New Jersey; Williams of New Jersey; Kennedy of New York
(deceased); Burdick of North Dakota; Monroney of Okla-
homa; Harris of Oklahoma; Clark of Pennsylvania; Pastore
of Rhode I{sland; Pell of Rhode Island; Gore of Tennessee;
Baker of Tennessee; Moss of Utah; Randolph of West Vir-
ginia; McGee of Wyoming.

The highest rating anti-communist Congressmen are:
McClellan (Ark.), Williams (Del.), Russell (Ga.), Jordan
(Idaho), Eastland and Stennis (Miss.), Curtis and Hruska
(Neb.), Thurmond (S.C.), Mundt (S.D.), Tower (Texas),
Bennett (Utah), Smith (Me.).


A TAX REVOLT by the American people is brewing.
Citizens may absolutely refuse to pay taxes, according to
The New York State Taxpayer.

More and more people, finding that taxes are too heavy

are going on the relief doles. Savings have dropped and and
business expansion is slowing down.

In 1969, the American worker will labor two hours and
34 minutes of his 8-hour working day to pay his federal,
state and local taxes — the largest single item in the budget.

~ Housing costs him 1 hour; food and tobacco, 56 minutes;
transportation, 40 minutes; clothing, 25 minutes; medical
bills 21 minutes; recreation 18 minutes; all others, 1 hour
and 46 minutes.

Meanwhile the value of the dollar sinks lower and lower,

economy. pan Congressmen listen to their taxpayers’
laments. All that spending-money for bigger and bigger
government is too tempting.

Martin A. Larson, in his book, “The Great Tax Fraud,”
calls the income tax “An empire of injustice”.

Under the schedule of fiscal 1969, the levy upon personal
incomes reaches 49.% at $18,000, 68.2% at $50,000 and
77%_at $100,000.

Mr. Larson, who pointed out the loopholes and the
inequities of tax, says; “if ten principal types of legal tax
avoidance were abolished, the National Treasury would
have $20 billion more annually, even while excusing 80% of
all our people from all direct federal taxation.

Larson demonstrates that honesty with the Internal
Revenue Service is almost certain to plunge an independent
business man into ruin.

Tax lawyers’ latest clients are just plain taxpayers organ-
izing into corporations to fight the unfair tax. —_


“Chief Justice Warren in his swan song has given the
American people his final insult, a license to any Member of
this body to misappropriate public tax funds under judicial
protection from the wrath of honest men.

If this House is to bow to court orders controlling the
conduct of its internal business—the separation of powers—
the Constitution itself is dead.

If we bow to the orders of the Supreme Court it neces-
sarily follows that we become subservient to the orders of
any lesser Federal judge”. . . Rarick (Rep. La.)

The Founding Fathers provided that the judiciary, the
legislative, and the executive departments are equal, coord-
inate, and independent in their powers and judgment. And,
if | can comprehend plain language, that document also
provides that the House shall be the judge of the qualifi-
cations of its own Members.

Finally, so far as | am concerned, | believe that the House
should take the attitude of a former great President of the
United States, Andrew Jackson. After the Supreme Court
had reached a decision in Worchester against Georgia, March
3, 1832, which he thought infringed upon constitutional
rights of the Executive, President Jackson said:

‘John Marshall has mace his decision. Now let him enforce

it.” .. . Colmer (Rep. Miss.)

“Permissiveness is thus sanctioned for the highest places in
American life. Two years ago the gentleman from New
York (Mr. Powell) was a fugitive from justice. As such, he
would have been barred from induction into military ser-
vice. Yet the Court finds he was entitled to sit in a legis-
lative body which orders other men into service”... Van
Deerlin (Rep.Cal.)


BLONDE may not affect his popularity very long... Our
sources report that the KK machine has already greased
up for the line-up of contenders for President in 1972:
Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

Governor Ronald Reagan, Senator Edmund Muskie and
George Wallace: Watch for special smears carefully done on

Did Jack's eye for a pretty girl ruin his chances for
presidency?...And Bob’s romantic involvement with
Marilyn Monroe. That was shut up and glossed over.
Se ate: Dead blondes tell no tales.


Christian Century, a /eading non-denominational weekly
recently proposed on its editorial page that churches —
Protestant and Catholic — canonize Martin Luther King.

On June 2, on the House floor, Rep. Robert A. Liggitt,
eulogized King, “as a leader in the fight against commun-

King a martyr than has been done to save the Rosenbergs or
any other communist sympathizer.

Even before his death, Congressmen knew the score about
King. They were saying:

“They've got to kill him. Everybody knows too much
about King. You can‘t have a tarnished hero, but you could
have a tarnished martyr”.

The F.B.1. disclosed its wiretappings on King, over Justice
Department objections at a Federal District Court this June
4, showing King participating and planning violence with
Black Muslim leaders.

A confidential report by the F.B.!. in 1967 was in the
hands of three Congressional Committees showing that
King was a Communist agent, receiving sums and taking
instructions which he faithfully carried out. Congressmen
planned to summon King.

The F.B.I. had proof King violated the Mann Act (white
slavery) of the U.S. Criminal Code. Neither Attorney Gen-
erals Katzenbach, nor Ramsey Clark would allow the F.B.1.
to present this evidence to a Federal Grand Jury.

Congressman George W. Andrews placed an account of
King’s national car theft ring in the Congressional Record in
1966, but the —_ ee had instructions from

arrest him.

Dr. King revealed in his own words that he gave plans to
Stokey Carmichael to set up black militant organizations in
order to dislocate the functioning of major cities without
destroying them. King trained subversives in the techniques
of violence that looked non-violent. ae

The F.B.1., although a branch of the Justice Department,
refused to keep quiet about King and Americans learned
the truth.

Who killed King? Someone who wanted a martyr and the
passage of the 1968 Civil Rights Bill.

King had almost lost his usefulness to the international
conspiracy to destroy the U.S. Money quit coming in from
Negroes and white “little givers”. The full cost of his
activities fell back to the Warburgs, Soviet agents and a
little gang of communist professional revolutionists who
first launched King into orbit.

The only way to make King look good was as a corpse.

Was Ray a paid killer for those who needed a martyr? Or
was he framed by one of the very ruthless and dangerous
enemies of America who killed King?


A Bill for Four Government Departments — State, Justice,
and Commerce, the Judiciary — ‘‘and related agencies for
the fiscal year ending June 30, 1970, and for other pur-
poses’’ has just been passed. This catch-all bill was fought
by some of the more sophisticated members of Congress.

“Other purposes” sneaked into the bill are: Obligations of
membership in international multilateral organizations —
$130,187,000; community relations services — $3,077,000;
minority business enterprises — $1,200,000; commission on
civil rights — $2,650,000; civil rights education, HEW —
$12,000 000; equal employment opportunity commission
— $10,000,000.

The Hon. John R. Rarick of Louisiana said in the House
of Representatives on July 24, 1969:

“Moneywise, our people at home will conclude that we
are 36 times more determined to fight them than we are to
protect them from the ever-growing threat of communist

Rarick says that the civil rights money is not for educa-
tion toward integration, but like all HEW monies, is used to
strongarm citizens into compliance.


kill the ABM in their biggest fundraising drive to date.
ADL, with a huge picture of homely Arthur Schlesinger on
its latest direct mail piece, states:

“ADA organizers are forming and helping anti-ABM
community groups throughout the the country. ADA legislative
representatives work daily on Capitol Hill in close contact
with the increasing number of senators and congressmen
who share our doubts about the infallibility of the military

Such persons as these appear on the Board of ADA:
Reinhold Niebuhr, honorary chairman; John Kenneth
Galbraith, national chairman: Meyer Berger, treasurer; vice
chairmen, Walter P. Reuther ("Yours for a Soviet Amer-
ica”), Hans G. Morgenthau, David Dubinsky, Joseph L.
Rauh, Jr., Marvin Rosenberg.

Many of the people on this board appear on countless
other boards of leftwing organizations which are interested
in World Government, destroying American sovereignty,
building up the welfare state, and heavy taxation, unlimited

government spending, and anything except preserving the
strength of the United States in a communist-expanding

Polls show that the public is backing President Nixon’s
proposed ABM system. 8 out of 10 Americans prefer over
to under nucleur capability.

Yet Congressmen state that their mail is running 8 to 7
against ABM. That means a vocal and active minority is
putting on the pressure to leave America defenseless.

Yet our entire defense system is under attack.R.O.T.C.,
university “projects for military research, scientific research
all are being attacked.


TIONARY they are proud to follow. He follows the Jeffer-
son brand of revolt. His name is Ed Butler, and he publishes
a rapidly growing publication called ‘Square Magazine”.

Mr. Butler believes that leaders of S.D.S. want to set up a
Marxist dictatorship. His slogan is ‘Strike back’”’ and young-
sters across the nation are joining up to help him.

e+ etek &

The National Youth Alliance represents America’s young
conservatives. On its Board are young college professors,
news analysts, writers, military heroes and just plain clean-
cut American kids.

e+e HH

Council on Dangerous Drugs promises to be one of the

most effective anti-drug organizations created. \t aims at
the young people in grade schools, high schools and

Its bulletins are shocking, but they lay it on the line as to
what happens to kids who take drugs.

The raw facts are there, and they are backed up by

Write to them at 3875 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles,
California, if you would like to help.


“We are taxed in our bread and our wine, in our incomes
and our investments, on our land and on our property not
only for base creatures who do not deserve the name of
men, but for foreign nations, complaisant nations who will
bow to us and accept our largesse and promise us to assist
in the keeping of the peace — these mendicant nations who
will destroy us when we show a moment of weakness or our
treasury is bare, and surely it is becoming bare! We are
taxed to maintain legions on their soil, in the name of law
and order and the Pax Romana, a document which will fall
into dust when it pleases our allies and our vassals. We keep
them in precarious balance only with our gold. Is the
heartblood of our nation worth these? Were they bound to
us with ties of love, they would not ask our gold. They take
our very flesh, and they hate and despise us. And who shall
say we are worthy of more? ...When a government be-
comes powerful it is destructive, extravagant and violent; it
is an usurer which takes bread from innocent mouths and
deprives honorable men of their substance, for votes with
which to perpetuate itself."" — Cicero, 54 B.C.

Extra copies of this Bulletin 15¢ each; 8 for $1.00; 100 for $10.00; 1,000 for $65.00

National Economic Council, Inc., 230 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. 10017


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